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July 8, 2018

Sei Young Kim

Oneida, Wisconsin

THE MODERATOR: Welcome back into the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic media center. I have our champion, Sei Young Kim, who won with an incredible 31-under par, new LPGA scoring record.

Can you describe what you're feeling right now?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I really feel like unreal. I never thought about shot like 31-under. I was like really feel like incredible. (Laughter.) Yeah.

THE MODERATOR: You were previously tied with Annika Sorenstam with 27-under par; now you've got it all to yourself. Could you describe having your name in the LPGA history books?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, it's mean a lot, because after JTBC Founders Cup tie record with Annika, after that I got the new goals. I wish I could break up the course record.

I thought it's too fast. So, yeah, it's really unbelievable.

THE MODERATOR: You looked so calm today. You went into the day with an eight-shot lead and you were able to really put the pedal down and get your seventh win. How were you able to handle the nerves today?

SEI YOUNG KIM: When I warmup in this -- not morning, afternoon -- I was feel a little bit of different than the third round because a little bit of pressure. And then after that I think about the how do you handle nerves today. Maybe it's going to be really a hard time or really good time.

Yeah, and then I setting my goals just keep relax and then until last hole. Yeah, it did, and then except last three holes I couldn't control nervous because it's almost done. Yeah.

So, yeah, but I finish really good.

THE MODERATOR: How special is this to share with your family? Your family is here with you.

SEI YOUNG KIM: My parents really supporting me this year, especially this year, because my mom didn't travel with me for a while. She's travel starting last year and then she back to the Korea and then she got here June.

Then we started traveling -- all parents travel starting in June. Yeah, I'm very happy to give them the great memory.

THE MODERATOR: You've been able to win every year since you've been on tour. How have you been able to remain so consistent?

SEI YOUNG KIM: I mean, I think I keep setting my goal. That's what I have, a target big important to me. I think that target make me every years consistently win. Yeah, I guess. Yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Go ahead and open it up for questions.

Q. Just wondering how much do you think it helped you today to play with Amy and how kind of comfortable that made to you to feel like you're just out playing a round with your friend?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, pretty comfortable playing with Amy Yang because we kept talking about out of golf. That's help me comfortable. We talk about so two years ago International Crown, how we fun and how we, yeah, having a great meals there. (Laughter.)

Yes, and just talking. Yeah, Amy's play well today last couple hole except. I hope we feed each other, but, yeah, we did a great job.

THE MODERATOR: Sei Young, the other day you mentioned the you watched some YouTube videos for some inspiration. Everyone wants to know what videos you were watching.

SEI YOUNG KIM: If you type how to make the stronger your mental you can see all the video. Just click and, yeah, something. I listen -- I watches almost like five video.

Yeah, there is kind of same story. Just trust yourself. Imagine what you want.

Yeah, I didn't trust that before this week, but I think it's weird. This week I really wanted to something, I want to believe something. Yeah, I believed that and then I trust that, what they talking, and then, yeah, just go. (Laughter.)


Q. Do you feel you even had one loose swing at all this week? Do you know what I mean? Was there even one swing that felt off? Was there a bad shot this week at all?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Second round I had double bogey on 17. That was just one only one miss shot. Yeah, it's crazy. (Laughter.)

THE MODERATOR: You didn't have the start to the season that I know you probably would've hoped for, but what does this win do for your confidence going into the rest of the year?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Beginning year I didn't have confidence. I was like kind of uncomfortable what I play the tour. Then I miss the cut couple tournament. I was like how to play well because I really wanted to make the International Crown.

But I missed that, and then, okay, it's fine. What I can do now? And then, yeah, another good things came to me. Yeah, I'm very happy with that.

THE MODERATOR: Any questions out there for Sei Young? Okay. Sei Young, congratulations. Thank you.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Thank you.

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