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July 8, 2018

Amy Yang

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Congratulations on a great week, first of all.
AMY YANG: Thank you.

Q. What was it like watching golf history?
AMY YANG: Oh, wow, that was amazing. She shot 7-under par today without any bogey, bogey-free round. It was amazing out there watching her.

It was great.

Q. Just talk about your game this week.
AMY YANG: Yeah, I played really good this week. I'll take positive this week. I'm getting better.

And still I made mistake on the finishing back nine, but it's okay. No problem. I'm getting better.

Q. Was that on 15? Tried to reach it in two?
AMY YANG: No. My tee shot went in the water. Yeah, so I was -- (laughter.) Bad break, but it's okay. Yeah.

Q. You said you were going to build some confidence from this week. What else do you take away from your performance?
AMY YANG: What else?

Q. Yeah.
AMY YANG: Good positive thinking.

Q. Yeah. Anything in particular like with your swing or anything like that?
AMY YANG: I was hitting really solid this week. This is my six week and usually when the weeks go more longer you get tired; your swing might feel not so great.

I was actually maybe the best week I was hitting out there this week. Putting was good. Yeah.

Q. Are you going to play next week, too?
AMY YANG: No, no.

Q. So six. Is that the longest?
AMY YANG: Yeah, I think so. This is the longest I ever done.

Q. Ever?
AMY YANG: Ever. I think so. I'm not sure. I might not remember.

Q. But it feels that way.
AMY YANG: (Laughter.)

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