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July 8, 2018

Brandt Snedeker

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. That was really good today. Eight birdies. You had a little hop in your step there. Had to feel really good?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: It felt good to get back on the right side of things again. It's been a tough year for me, just not playing up to where I think I'm capable of. Putting the work in, knowing I'm working as hard, if not harder, than I ever have. So I knew this was coming, it's just hard to see the forest through the trees sometimes.

So kind of got in my own way today. Had a really good kind of in-session last night practice and came out with a fresh attitude today and played really, really well. So I'm excited to build on this momentum for the rest of the year.

Q. We talked a couple days ago about the FedExCup. You mentioned it, 115 coming in, and after today you're projected like 91. So that's a big jump.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: It's a big jump, but not anywhere I still want to be. I've got to keep moving up that leaderboard. FedExCup is so important to me, obviously. Being a past champion, I kind of quantify my year like if I make it to East Lake, it's been a good year, if I don't, it's not. So I've got a long way to go to get into the top 30. So I know I've got a lot of work in front of me. But glad I'm playing good again and playing back to my capabilities.

Q. After this week do you go right to the John Deere to keep it going?
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, keep it going. Going up there, great golf course for me. Very similar to this one. Lot of wedges in your hand, lot of birdie opportunities. Looking forward -- I haven't played there in quite a few years. Looking forward to going back, having some fun up there, and making a lot of birdies and getting some good momentum going into the Open Championship hopefully.

Q. Yeah, I was going to ask you about that. It is interesting, because here we are in the fourth quarter of the PGA TOUR season, but there is so much to play for. Right now you can get into the Open Championship with your finish today. The FedExCup, you're making a move. This is pretty serious stuff.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: It is, it's a lot of golf. It's funny, it's been a long season to this point, yet I feel like the season is just starting for me. So it's kind of been an uneventful season for me, and now I think I'm playing some of my better golf, my best golf of the year. Got a lot of huge events left. So I'm excited about the opportunity in front of me, and probably one of the few guys excited about this last long stretch of golf, and can't wait to play a lot of golf and show that I'm playing good.

Q. Talk about how excited you are to play Carnoustie.
BRANDT SNEDEKER: Yeah, I'm very excited. It's the one venue I've not seen yet. I played it in college golf and went over there and played the British Am one year and got the privilege of going to play it.

But it's a really tough test. I love tough tests. I love Oakmont, and I love these hard tests in front of you. So looking forward to the challenge of what Carnoustie can bring, and hopefully it will bring out the best in me. It should be a fun week.

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