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July 8, 2018

Kevin Na

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. Congratulations. Now I know it's been a long time coming. I saw that smile walking off the 18th green. It was hard for me not to be emotional for you, buddy.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, I was trying to hold it in. I mean, I had a beautiful, beautiful tee shot. I couldn't have asked for anything more. I got it just over the ridge. It was an easy putt, obviously, and all I needed to do was two-putt. It was nice to have a big cushion where I could enjoy the moment walking off the 18th hole, say hi to my loved ones on camera. It's just an incredible feeling right now.

Q. That was a class act having Harold Varner III come over, and not interrupt the interview, but doing that. I've got a number for you. 120 feet, that's what you made in the first ten holes. That really got it done for you.
KEVIN NA: It did. My putter got hot. I felt something in the rain delay in the trailer. I put it on my Instagram, my social media, and it just clicked. The first day the putter felt awful, and it just clicked. Every time I got over the ball, it felt great, and everything felt like it was going in.

Q. You were only better than 30 guys the first two days in putting, and you were better than all of them on the weekend.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, baby.

Q. Kevin, this is your first win since 2011 at the Shriners. So many close calls, six runner-up finishes. How satisfying is this one?
KEVIN NA: Oh, it's undescribable. The amount of close calls I've had and disappointments I've had, walking off the 18th hole in the locker room, on the drive back to the hotel. I mean, a lot of heartbreaks, but today everything was going well. Everything was going my way, and it was nice to have that big lead going up to the last hole and enjoying the moment. It was well worth it.

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