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July 8, 2018

Maria Torres

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Let's start with that putt. How cool is it to end with a fist pump and a bang, right?
MARIA TORRES: It's amazing. The feeling is just -- I have been not having the best kind of season that I wish for.

But I don't know. I just continue doing my thing. I have to say in this one I didn't have pressure. I was like, Go out there and just play golf.

Because like other ones I just put so much pressure. If it's not the Money List, it's the rankings or the (indiscernible). I'm like, You know what? It's not working.

So just go out there and play. If you make a bogey and then you make a birdie or whatever you do, just do it.

It sounds so -- I don't know how it sounds, but...

Q. It makes sense. It makes sense, yeah.
MARIA TORRES: I don't know.

Q. How far would you say that putt was? 25? 30?
MARIA TORRES: Yeah, something like that. I was kind of not looking -- it's not that I was not looking, but because I had like a point that I need to hit it, I was like, I'm just going to hit the putt.

And then when I saw the putt I'm like, Please, don't go. Just stay there close. And then I see it rolling, going in. I'm like, No way, no way. I needed to finish with a fist pump Tiger style.

Q. How much confidence does this give you?
MARIA TORRES: It gives me a little bit more confident, but I still have to keep doing -- I have to keep working hard, because this is a tournament, but next week is a brand new one.

You just have to get a fresh start. Maybe tomorrow some rest. (Laughter.) But excited. I don't know, hopefully this is the beginning.

Q. 17 under. I mean...
MARIA TORRES: I never shot two double digits. My dad said, Oh, you're at 11. I'm like, Dad, I haven't finished the tournament.

Q. Never in your career?
MARIA TORRES: No, never.

Q. Not in college?
MARIA TORRES: No, I only got to 9.

Q. Only 9-under.
MARIA TORRES: I know, it's so bad.

Q. No. It's only your first year out here.
MARIA TORRES: I cannot believe it. Think I'm more happy about the double digits.

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