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July 8, 2018

Shane Lowry

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. 2-under par 70, is that a fair reflection of how you played?
SHANE LOWRY: Could have been a little better, but I was going out there trying to make a few birdies and made a couple of bad errors because of that.

Yeah, it's pretty average, a bit like my week, really.

Q. This week, there's a lot more attention on you guys, maybe more demands on your time but is it overall an enjoyable week for you?
SHANE LOWRY: You know, I'd be lying if I said it was a very enjoyable week, and that's no disrespect to anyone. It's a tougher week than I normally get. You know, it's weird because I love playing in front of the Irish people, but I try my best and I try probably too hard to do well for them and for myself and for my family that's here.

You know, it's such a tough week that I find it hard to find it enjoyable, if you can somehow get what I mean there. I'll look back on it, and I played some good golf this week. I just let it get to me for nine holes yesterday and that was the big downfall of my whole week was sort of nine holes yesterday, and I wish I could go back and play those again but unfortunately I can't.

Q. Do you find it suffocating?
SHANE LOWRY: I wouldn't say suffocating, because I'm very lucky to do what I do, very lucky to be here playing The Irish Open, and I've actually won the tournament, as well, so I'm very lucky to have that under my belt. It's my own fault for letting it get to me.

I said at the start of the week, I was going to try and be better, but the harder you try, the harder it is.

Q. Is it a case where you feel you want it too much and you want to play well too much?
SHANE LOWRY: That's exactly it. I said on Wednesday, I'd give anything to have a chance here today. After yesterday afternoon, I didn't, so yeah, trying too hard and wanting it too much, I suppose, is the reason I'm in the here, or is the reason I'm here finished at one o'clock on Sunday.

Q. Give us your assessment of your Irish Open this year?
SHANE LOWRY: I think average is just a good word for it I think. My golf was okay in parts but the week as a whole was pretty average and average finish.

Q. How do you approach now the next couple weeks coming up?
SHANE LOWRY: I've got a week off now. I've played a lot of golf over the last few months and I have a lot of golf over the next couple of months, as well. I really need a week off, I think. I don't think if I went and played in Scotland this week that I would be in the right frame of mind to play in The Open Championship. Just try and relax as much as I can this week and get ready for next week.

Q. Do you think your game's pretty close and possibly come Open time, things might click for you?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, there's a couple parts of my game that need to sharpen up. I just need to try to work on those the next week or so and try to get ready for Carnoustie.

Q. Up-and-down week, two rounds where you were pretty happy, two rounds where it just slipped away, but your own assessment?
SHANE LOWRY: I think the week as a whole, average is a good word to use, if you look at where I finish, it's pretty average for me I feel, especially around here. I felt like I could have done something this week.

But look, I tried my best. Got in my own way at times, but what can I do.

Q. When you say you get in your own way, do you find some sort of diagnosis for that? Because clearly if you get out of your way, we know how your game flows.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it's hard. You're out there and I'm trying so hard to do well and possibly trying too hard, and I'm wanting it too much. I just -- I don't know, it's so hard. Like I find this week quite difficult and quite draining to be honest and I'm looking forward to a few days off.

Q. You've got two big weeks to come. Where do you feel your game is at? There's a lot of very good stuff in there. How do you let it flow?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, I mean, my putter left me for nine or ten holes yesterday and somehow got it back today. I think there's certain parts of my game that really need to sharpen up before Carnoustie because we all know how hard Carnoustie is, so I just need to go away now for the next week or so and try to get them better than they were this week and see what sort of game I bring to Carnoustie and try and do my best there.

Q. What makes The Irish Open particularly difficult for you?
SHANE LOWRY: I think wanting it too much is probably the biggest thing. The crowds out there almost want it too much for you, as well. It's hard. I just find it difficult. I don't know why. People at home might look at me and think I'm mad for saying that but that's the way it is. I find it difficult. I find I put too much pressure on myself. I said at the start of the week I wasn't going to but yesterday afternoon, I still did.

Another Irish Open down and hopefully I'll learn a little bit from this one. But haven't seemed to learn from the last five or six. We'll see.

Q. Two weeks away from a major and you won't play Scotland next week. What will you do next week?
SHANE LOWRY: To be honest, even though it's a week off, I have a pretty busy week. I have a couple of corporate things to do. Try and get as much practise in as I can and try and rest as much as I can and relax as much as I can and get ready for Carnoustie.

Q. You must be looking forward to Carnoustie, a course that could very well soot your game?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, you definitely need your B Plus or A Game going to Carnoustie. I've shot some good scores around there but that's in the Dunhill Links and I believe it's a different animal when you get to The Open Championship. Just be interested to see what it plays like. I'm looking forward to it but I'm really looking forward to a few days off first.

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