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July 8, 2018

Ryan Fox

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. Probably difficult to put your emotions across having lost in a playoff, but how are you feeling?
RYAN FOX: I feel all right. Russ rolled in a big one on 18 to get in the playoff and holed a massive one in the playoff, as well.

I hit two great putts on 18 and one grazed the edge and one came back at me. Look, I'm happy. I hit the shots I wanted to down the stretch. Felt comfortable out there, and you know, it was close.

Q. You had an aggressive tactic all week, and you were giving yourself plenty of chances.
RYAN FOX: It was an ethereal week, the rough's been down and plenty of people out, so it's been trampled down, as well. There's a lot of bunkers I can carry, and thankfully driver has been working all week.

Took the same theory today, drove it great and gave myself plenty of chances. Had one put being an inch edge either way, I'd still be out there now or even with the trophy in my hand. Well done to Russ. He played great golf today.

Q. Is there something about this stretch of events, you excelled this year and last year in the French and the Irish, and now you're into The Open Championship. Something about these weeks that suits you?
RYAN FOX: I love links golf. I love being able to hit bump-and-runs from 70, 80 yards, like on 18 a couple of times. I can't tell you what it is. I guess Ireland and Scotland feel a little bit like home, as well.

Look, I'm happy and it's a bloody nice consolation to get into The Open Championship.

Q. How excited are you at the prospect of Carnoustie? And second year running, qualified in Ireland.
RYAN FOX: Excited and slightly nervous because Carnoustie is a bit of a beast. But I played the U.S. Open and hopefully nothing can be as hard as that.

I'm looking forward to the challenge. I've played well around Carnoustie when I've played there before. Hopefully a few days to figure it out and see if I can play well at The Open.

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