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July 7, 2018

Lydia Ko

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Start with the eagle on 15.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, it was helping wind on the 15th today, so I was trying to carry the bunker on the right with my driver, and it just caught the edge so I wasn't able to carry.

And then I had a 9-iron out to the fairway just short of the hazard. It was a good number for me I thought obviously, and just hit a controlled 54 wedge in there.

Yeah, no, ended up being perfect. Landed a couple yards behind and ran in the hole. (Laughter.)

Q. Is this one of those weeks where you're obviously scoring well and grinding and grinding is it's just hard catching up when Sei Young is going like she is.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, I mean, I shot 6-under yesterday. I was seven shots behind the leader on Thursday and then I shot 6-under and I was still seven shots behind. It doesn't happen very often when that's the case.

But, no, I mean, Sei Young is tearing up the whole golf course. I mean, there are so many low numbers out there with the whole field.

So, no, it's hard when it's like that, but it's also good that you're out there trying to make as many birdies as you can and being maybe sometimes a little bit more aggressive than you normally are.

No, especially coming off a major last week where sometimes par is a good score or if you're in trouble try and get out and come with bogey, it's nice to go out there and play and know that there are birdies, and if you make a mistake on one hole you can go, Hey, I can birdie the next hole.

Yeah, it's actually a little different mindset. I think it's fun to play this kind of golf. You definitely need to be hitting the ball pretty well and you have to putt well. Obviously Sei Young has been doing that very well the last few days.

Q. Knowing how many birdies are out there, does that leave you hopeful for tomorrow?
LYDIA KO: It's kind of like takes it both ways. You know, few shots behind -- I don't know how many shots behind I am -- but those shots behind it makes it harder to catch up. But also knowing that there are birdies, that you can score a low one and maybe post a number.

But, yeah, no, it just really goes both ways. Just with how everyone is playing, you know that you got to have a really, really low one tomorrow. Yeah.

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