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July 7, 2018

Brittany Marchand

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. All right, so you put yourself in pretty good position through three rounds. How does it feel to be playing so well this week?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Feels great. I mean, like I had said before this week, I have been playing well, I feel like my game has been there, and it's kind of nice to see to come together for sure.

Q. And to see three consecutive days in a row.
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Yeah, yeah. I mean, yesterday wasn't the day that I was looking for, but I still kind of held on. I didn't hit it as close, so harder to make birdie chances.

Today was nice because I kind of gave myself a few more and dropped some putts for sure.

Q. Do you think about the leader and where they are at this point since Sei Young is kind of so far ahead of everybody?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: I mean, I don't even know what she's at. I wasn't looking at the leaderboard.

But, yeah, my biggest thing is just to go and play a good round of golf tomorrow, whatever, however the chips fall, they fall.

So, I mean, obviously I want to win the tournament, but I think if I keep playing the way I've been playing and give myself opportunities and if the putts drop, that will be awesome.

Q. Six birdies on the back nine. What was working for you there?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: You know, I just started -- I feel like both two rounds that I've had like lower rounds I dropped a couple putts, and then all of a sudden everything looked like it was going to go in.

Whereas yesterday it was you miss the first four and then all of a sudden it's like a struggle to get them all in. They all kind of came to me on the back nine both days, so I just started getting a little bit closer and then, like I said, the hole just seemed a lot bigger.

Q. And heading into Sunday you put yourself in a really good spot here. Still a lot of golf to be played tonight.

Q. But, I mean, just you looking for your first win, is there a little more juice heading into Sunday now that you've put yourself in a really good spot?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Yeah, yeah, for sure. I think it's exciting. I talked about this with my sports psychologist, embracing the pressure rather than thinking of it as a negative. So tomorrow I think it's exciting that I put myself in this spot, but I'm going to have the exact same game plan and just try to treat it like other day and whatever happens, happens.

Q. How do you embrace pressure?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: I think it's kind of just the way you frame things in your mind. So instead of playing with fear and kind of avoiding things or playing defensively, just playing the same game and taking the pressure and feeling like this is a positive, feeling kind of amped up about it.

I think for me, I need to be a little bit amped up to play well, but obviously not too much. So it's kind of finding that perfect balance of being amped up and excited to play, but net letting it get to your head too much.

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