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July 7, 2018

Ryan Fox

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. Third round 70, just give us your thoughts on how things went out there today.
RYAN FOX: Was a little bit of a frustrating day to be honest. I felt like I drove it really, really good. Gave myself a lot of chances and the putts didn't drop. I had a couple poor wedge shots, as well, which didn't help things but use that word, patience. I stayed pretty patient and made a couple birdies on the last, 16, 17, to turn.

Q. You've managed to stay nicely in contention going into Sunday.
RYAN FOX: Yeah, Erik looked like he was going to run away with it after that front nine, and I was scrapping around that front nine a little bit. Probably happy that maybe he got a bit colder on the back nine and I picked up a couple of shots just to give me a chance.

Going to have to do something pretty special tomorrow to win this thing I think.

Q. We've seen people come from we will back in these Rolex Series Events. Is pretty much play your own game and see what happens?
RYAN FOX: Pretty much. It's going it take birdies to win it. I don't think Erik is going to come back too much. It's going to require a decent round of golf, and 5- , 6-under has been a tough score to get this week. So I'll be trying. We'll see what happens. I'm not going to change the mind-set.

As I said the last couple days, it does depend on conditions a little bit and if we get a day like today, it's worth taking the golf course on.

Q. Fantastic atmosphere out there. You're playing in the final group of a Rolex Series Event. You must be enjoying this experience this week.
RYAN FOX: It's been fantastic. The crowds have been great. Thankfully we have not played the Irish in rugby lately, so I had a bit of support out there, which is nice.

Yeah, look, it's just a great experience and nice to know, it's the first last group I've been in on The European Tour, so to do it in an event like this and play some decent golf is a good feeling.

Q. A third round of 70. Give us the verdict on your day's work?
RYAN FOX: Pretty happy in the end. It was a bit frustrating early on. Felt like I gave myself a lot of chances. I drove the ball well, especially on the back nine and hit a couple putts that don't go in. It was very nice to birdie 16 and 17 and turn what was an okay day into a pretty good day and give myself a chance tomorrow.

Q. Were you aware of what Erik Van Rooyen was doing, and did it affect you?
RYAN FOX: We could see ourselves all day, and Erik picking the ball out of the hole on the front nine and looked like he was going to shoot something silly. I guess thankfully for the rest of the field, he cooled off a little bit on the back nine but it's going to take something seriously special to catch him tomorrow.

Q. How do you approach tomorrow coming from four behind?
RYAN FOX: Don't do anything different. I've taken the golf course on the last three days and it seemed to work. It's going to be very condition-dependent again but if we get a day like this, I'll be doing what I did: Hit driver everywhere and try to hit wedges in and see if I can hole some putts.

I've been lucky, I guess we've taken the theory that bogeys aren't a bad score. I've been driving the ball really well and made a couple bogeys from bad tee shots but given myself a lot of chances from good tee shots.

You know, the scoring is not that low and I feel like there's a lot of bunkers with the wind direction we've had that I can take out of play and they are the real penal thing on this golf course. The rough, for the most part, isn't too bad, especially with the amount of people out there. Someone is probably going to find it for you and thankfully that's happened for me the last couple of days.

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