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July 6, 2018

Alexa Pano

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Even par today. What's most impressive is you hit 17 greens. Who does that? How were you able to hit the ball so well?
ALEXA PANO: I mean, that is definitely always one of my strong suits is hitting greens. I think yesterday I was at 15 or 16. It's always something I do pretty well.

Q. So looking back at the week now and the two days, what would you say you need to work on a little bit and what are you most proud of?
ALEXA PANO: Definitely my putting. I mean, hitting 17 and a bunch of greens yesterday, you can definitely see that's where it left some gaps in my scores.

Definitely proud of my ball-striking and my driving this week.

Q. How do you think playing in this tournament is going to help you this summer as you plan some upcoming junior events and big amateur events?
ALEXA PANO: I think playing in higher-level events always helps you a lot just maturing your game and giving you a lot of experience. Hopefully this will carryover to next week. (Indiscernible.)

Q. We are joined by 13-year-old phenom, Alexa Pano. Still getting used to phenom? I know some people maybe don't want to be called that quite yet.
ALEXA PANO: I won't tell people not to call me it, but definitely wouldn't consider myself that way.

Q. This week what has it been like for you? 36 holes playing along with the LPGA's best. What has that experience been like for you?
ALEXA PANO: It's been really cool. You can definitely see that the play out here is really strong. They've got really good scoring out here. You can definitely see that.

But it's been a really good experience. I mean, getting to know players has been super great and playing this beautiful course has been awesome.

Q. What's been the best piece of advice that maybe you've got from somebody else? Who have you picked their brain a little bit? This is a good opportunity for to you kind of ask questions of LPGA pros.
ALEXA PANO: Honestly, I've tried not to bother them the whole week, the ones that have been friendly with me. All of them honestly have been friendly with me and we've had normal conversations about normal things.

I don't want to be that one kid who goes up and acts fan girly and asks them all questions.

Q. What has been the one thing you've kind of picked out from your game this past two days that you go, Okay, I need to work on this if I want to compete at that level someday? You're a ways away from it, but what have you maybe learned that you can apply to your game and become an even more phenomenal player, if I want to be corny with that line?
ALEXA PANO: I think I hit more greens this week than probably anyone in the field, but it's just learning how to make birdies. Like getting confidence in that.

And also figuring out some things in my putting stroke. I felt like towards the end of the day today I kind of brought it together, but, I mean, a little late for that.

Yeah, that's definitely the one major thing. My ball striking has been solid the past few weeks, but it's just ion the greens. Got to figure that out.

Q. What's your next big event coming up?
ALEXA PANO: Monday morning or Monday afternoon I will be competing in Kentucky for the Junior PGA; then the week after that I have the U.S. Girls' Junior.

Throughout the summer I have a bunch of events planned. I have my Wyndham Cup coming up; three weeks. Then I have probably six days off and into the next one.

Summer is definitely the busiest time of year for me, so I've got a bunch.

Q. This experience, did it live up to everything you thought it would be?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, everything and more. I mean, you definitely -- once you're out here you learn a lot more about the players than you thought you knew. They're so down to earth and they're amazing people. Being out here just -- you see the club reps, you walk in, you get your grip done in like five minutes. It's just everything is just lavish out here.

I really loved playing here this week and I wish that I would be here for the weekend, but my putting didn't want that to happen.

Q. Is there any one player in the field this week that you looked up to when you were -- I was going to say young, but you are young. You know what I mean? Any certain player you were looking forward to maybe seeing or watching?
ALEXA PANO: I never really had like that one role model that I watched all the time. But, I mean, all of these girls, you see them on TV every single week. I couldn't pick one if I tried to.

Q. Did you get to do anything in Green Bay while you were here that was fun besides golf, or was it all golf for you?
ALEXA PANO: We went out to dinner a bunch, but probably the thing that I did outside of golf was going to that Lambeau Field, the Pro-Am party. It was so much fun. Rocked my Tom Brady shirt, and that will definitely be something I remember for a long time.

Q. You know you're not supposed to wear a Tom Brady shirt to Lambeau Field.
ALEXA PANO: Oh, no. I think that's exactly what you do at Lambeau Field.

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