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July 6, 2018

Sei Young Kim

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Last time I checked you were, what, a three-shot lead is it? Four?
Q. Four.
Q. Four-shot lead. What are your feelings coming off that round?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I feel really comfortable because I felt really good play today, and then also yesterday. Both play well finishes.

So, yeah, I'm very happy with that.

Q. How about out of the gate there? Was it four birdies in a row right off the bat? I mean, what...
Q. Six, I think.
Q. Six rather?
Q. Yeah, six in a row.
Q. Four in a row and six out of seven.
Q. Yeah.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yesterday?

Q. Today.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, today?

Q. Yeah.
SEI YOUNG KIM: One, two, three, four, five.

Q. Okay. Regardless of what it was...
Q. It was a lot. (Laughter.)
Q. What was the result of the hot start today?
SEI YOUNG KIM: I mean, like 1st hole my second shot is almost a tap in birdie, so, yeah, starting really solid.

After that, every hole I made really close to the pin. So, yeah, I had a lot of birdie opportunity myself.

Yeah, and then also my putting really well today so I able to make the a lot of birdie. I don't know how many birdie today. Maybe nine.

Q. I think it was nine, yeah.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. Also, yeah, good.

Q. Were the conditions almost the same as yesterday for you? Did you notice anything different or...
SEI YOUNG KIM: I supposed to really high temperature but it wasn't. Almost like 77. And a little bit of windy out there; not a factor a lot today. It was a really perfect weather. Every hole I can attack to the pin, I was able to attack to the pin.


Q. Does anything change mindset-wise now when you know people are going to be chasing you now the final two rounds?
SEI YOUNG KIM: No. Just the same as two round. Today a little bit like uncomfortable after I had the double bogey, hole 17. Yeah. And then I kept trying the mindset -- reset my mind, but it was a little hard.

Yeah, but I have two more round. I just keep trying to make myself comfortable. Yeah, that's only way to play well.

Q. So how do you view this? Are you happy that you're up by four or do you look at the double bogey and the missed opportunities and say, Man, I could be up by seven or eight? How do you view that?
SEI YOUNG KIM: After double bogey?

Q. I mean, you could be up by a lot right now between the double bogey, and you had some birdies down the stretch that you didn't quite cash in on.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah. Oh, you mean after...

Q. You could have a bigger lead.
Q. Yeah.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. I just keep like forgot about it after. Even I make the a lot of birdie, I forgot, I reset. I starting again. Every each shots feel like first shot and the first hole.

Yeah, that's a lot of help my mindset today, even after mistake.

Q. Maybe saying it another way, is there confidence knowing that maybe you put up such a great score and you maybe don't even think you played as well as you could have down the stretch?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I mean, I don't think about any even I really good score. Just clear my mind. That's how for good play. Yeah.

Q. How often right after you're done with a round come out and do something like this? Is this something that's common for you? Is there something you really wanted to work on right after?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Just couple -- just hitting a little bit, a couple minute putting. That's it. I missed a couple birdie putt last three holes. Yeah, just check up that and no more practice. Take a rest.

Q. When you look at the group as a whole, the cut line at 4-under right now, what does that say about what's going on out here? Only one off the all-time record.
SEI YOUNG KIM: I guess LPGA player average really high level now, so I suppose like 3-unders made the cut, but 4-under, I was like, Wow, it's really tough. Yeah.

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