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July 6, 2018

Katherine Kirk

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. 62, 71. In your eyes, what was the difference other than the score?
KATHERINE KIRK: Putting today. I hit 16 greens again so probably didn't have as good chances as I did yesterday.

Front nine I just couldn't get one to drop, and back nine hit lots of good putts and, again, nothing dropped.

Overall I'm really happy with how today went. I was very patient. Yeah, hit a lot of greens. That's all you can do.

Q. Is it tough to stay patient on a course that is giving up so many birdies and you look up on the leaderboard and it seems like everybody is going deep?
KATHERINE KIRK: I didn't watch too many leaderboards today, but I knew obviously as well as I played it would be hard to do that again today. That's just kind of how golf is.

I mean, the golf course is playing great. I think I can go low on the weekend, so, yeah, just looking ahead to that and focusing on what I did right today, which it wasn't too far off. I'm not disappointed at all.

Q. When you're hitting good putts and they're not dropping, how hard is it to stay patient and not try too hard to figure out the perfect line?
KATHERINE KIRK: You just have to tell yourself there are a lot of opportunities ahead and keep giving yourself chances. What's gone is gone, right?

I'm pretty good at that. Yeah, that's kind of come with maturity maybe; 10, 15 years ago I would've been very impatient and let it get to me. Yeah, older and wiser.

Q. Well you're Green Bay's favorite, you're the only defending champion or former champion they have here. I'm sure they'll be out to support you this weekend. Good luck?
KATHERINE KIRK: Thanks, Jerry. Appreciate it.

Q. (Recording in progress.)

Q. Is that how this one went?
KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, there was a couple of bad strokes out there, but for the most part I gave it 110%. Yeah, just one of those days putts where putts weren't dropping. I feel great about the weekend and in a good spot, so, yeah, looking forward to it.

Q. Is it tough after you shoot a low score and you know you could back it up and don't? How tough is that mentally?
KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, you always know it's going to be probably not quite like 10-under, but there is still a lot of birdies out there, so you just do the best you can and stay patient.

I did that; I just couldn't get one to drop. Maybe that means they'll drop tomorrow?

Q. Sei Young went low again today. Nothing spectacularly low. Anything you noticed about pin placements? Was it drying out a little bit out there today?
KATHERINE KIRK: Pin placements were probably a little bit more tucked today. I don't think I went at too many on the back nine.

17 obviously is a beast of a hole today. Par was a good score there.

Yeah, I mean, the golf course is playing great. Wasn't too much different than yesterday. Just some tucked pins and you had to be a bit smarter with your approaches and not short side yourself.

Q. What is your mentality going into Saturday? It's moving day. There are a lot of players out there that are in contention.
KATHERINE KIRK: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I am happy with the way I'm hit ting it. It would be nice to obviously knock it a little bit closer and have a few more putts inside ten feet.

Yeah, I'm really happy with where I'm at. If I can get the putter going again, I think it'll be fun.

Q. One thing I heard some people saying is the crowd that you're drawing on a Friday is bigger than everybody else's. What's it feel like to have that kind of crowd following you around on a Friday afternoon?
KATHERINE KIRK: Yeah, no, I feel very blessed. The people here have been super supportive this week. Yeah, I'm just glad I got a few fans out there watching.

Most important thing is that they're having fun and I think they are, so looking forward to the weekend.

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