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July 6, 2018

Whee Kim

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. 62 yesterday, 68 today, tell us about some of the differences out there in the second round?
WHEE KIM: You know, that was totally different conditions on the course. The weather's different, the wind blew from the opposite side. Wait 30 minutes more and then it was a different day to me, but still played good. I like it.

Q. What about the bounces of golf, especially on that 8th hole when that misplaced sprinkler head got in the way of your golf ball?
WHEE KIM: Yeah, that was like 225-something to the pin, then I hit 4-iron a little low, and I was thinking just try to land in front off the green, the front edge. And it could be roll, pretty good, to roll out to the pin. So that's what I expect. And I hit a perfect shot, and then I unexpectedly hit that sprinkler head. It was just unlucky. It's always happening in golf. So I played okay. It's golf, it's fine.

Q. You're still in good shape, 10-under par. Tell us about the weekend now, your approach?
WHEE KIM: Well, yeah. I think I'm in a really good position for the weekend. I'm going to play better and hopefully much better on Sunday. Just trying to get in the right position and trying to be on top of the leaderboard. I'm not going to overdo, just stay like this and play like this. Everything's great, be positive. That's it.

Q. Another solid day for you. You have to be very pleased about your position after two days here?
WHEE KIM: Yes, it was comfortable. Little different condition today. Wind blew from the opposite side, and some unlucky shots like on No. 8, hit the sprinkler head, made a bogey. But it was still a good shot, it was positive.

Q. Looking at the weather, did you expect the forecast to be different, and if so, how did that affect your game?
WHEE KIM: I thought it's not going to rain in the morning. I expected more in the afternoon, but it started early. It's always happen. It was a good day. Everything was positive. I liked it.

Q. What has been the biggest key for you the first two days as far as the score is concerned?
WHEE KIM: Well, I always struggle to hit the fairway on this course. But I think I hit it pretty good. Missed a little more today, but was feeling all right, and I was still in good shape. I played really good my game today. Didn't mismatch, everything was good. I liked it.

Q. Are you feeling more comfortable?
WHEE KIM: Sure, yeah, I definitely feel more comfortable than the last few years here. Yeah, I think I'm in a really good position right now for the weekend, trying to do better tomorrow. Hopefully much better on Sunday. Trying to be in a better position, hopefully.

Q. What would you say was the advantage, the quick turn around with last night and very early today, and not a lot of time.
WHEE KIM: Not much changing. Just try to play my game. I felt it was really good in the morning when I was warming up. I felt really good. Just trying to be more positive. The front nine was a little struggle. I hit it in the water, and then try to make more birdies, but couldn't do. And sometimes the wind blew, and I expect a little in, and sometimes it blew a little. Sometimes a little confused, but played good, and I'm still in a good position.

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