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July 6, 2018

Webb Simpson

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. After a double bogey there at the par-5 that eagled yesterday and the bogey, you really bounced back quite nicely. You have to be pleased.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I am pleased. It was not the start I was looking for. But I hit an errant tee shot on 12, and honestly, we probably hit the wrong shot. You need to hit a cut there, because my shot on the cut shot probably isn't out of bounds.

But, yeah, I hung in there. I weathered that storm and made some birdied there on the front nine to keep it under par and give myself a chance for the weekend.

Q. Your iron play, I know it's a lot of wedges coming in, but No. 1 strokes game, approach shots to the hole, proximity is No. 1. I mean, you're hitting it in there pretty tight.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I feel like Paul noticed something in the Travelers that in between clubs I was always trying to smash it. So I worked this past week on if I'm in between, don't always go for the one you've got to smash. That's been helpful, because I've hit quite a bit of in between numbers that sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable. But I've done a good job of kind of staying disciplined and taking whatever is the best club I need.

Q. Pretty nice when you have a birdie putt that's three feet, four feet, six feet?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, that makes it easier. But the greens are rolling nice, so I did hit a few lips, 10- to 15-footers. So, if I keep rolling it well and hitting my approaches good, I think I'll have a good weekend.

Q. The family's here, the kids are here. Greenbrier is kind of a fun experience for everybody, isn't it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Absolutely. It's fun. My wife is actually gone for the day, playing with a heavy heart. Kandi Mahan's sister passed away, so thinking about them. They're in my prayers, my wife's prayers. So it's tough. Greenbrier is fun, but it's a tough loss for them.

Q. Yeah, all the best to you guys.
WEBB SIMPSON: Thank you.

Q. You birdied the first hole today after a 61 yesterday, so things are going tremendously. All of a sudden it went a little squirrely the next couple holes. How did you get yourself back into things?
WEBB SIMPSON: I knew that I had some birdie holes after getting through 13, I had some chances. So I told myself just stay patient. Can't really change what I did on 12 and 13, and the only thing I can do now is focus on my tee shot on 14. So I started to hit some better shots, better tee shots, and I feel like the type of player I am two years ago after that start I would have had a hard time kind of bringing back the good shots. But I think now I've played golf long enough to know it's going to happen and you've just got to bounce back.

Q. You won THE PLAYERS Championship in a rout. How long after that until you say, okay, enough celebrating, I'm ready to get back in the winners circle and get back in contention again?
WEBB SIMPSON: At Colonial I still felt like everybody was kind of talking about it. I missed the cut there and kind of got upset. So by the time I got to the U.S. Open, I was ready to focus on getting the cut (indiscernible).

Q. All right. We've got good weather coming the weekend. You're playing well, any game plan?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, just a quick practice here, make sure I know what I'm doing. A few putts, and honestly keep doing what we're doing. I've got great approach shots today, and playing pretty solid still. So if I can do those two things well, I think I'll have a chance.

Q. After a 61 and what you did today, you're still right there in the lead tied for it. So talk about your day, a little up-and-down.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, today was a little tougher than yesterday. Almost as satisfying as being 2-over early, and coming back and shooting 3-under. It's not the shots I wanted on 11, 12, and 13. But I'm going to learn from it. Maybe change the shot up for those holes tomorrow, and really proud of the way I hung in there and kept executing, kept committing. And I feel like I'm hitting really good shots and really good putts when I'm committing right now. So that's the game plan for the weekend.

Q. Is your ability to stick with it and have that kind of mentality, the key and strength to your game?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. I've always thought it was fun watching golfers who, attitude-wise you couldn't tell how many under or over par they were, and I've never done well when I've gotten too excited or too upset.

So that's kind of my goal every day. If somebody's watching me, I don't want them to know what I'm doing. And I think on days like today, it pays off. 2-over early, not showing an attitude, kind of hanging in there, because it keeps you kind of focused on what's present and what shot I'm about to hit. So it paid off today.

Q. You dealt with the delay yesterday, and then you had a couple rain drops earlier in the day. How would you describe how you were able to manage when you had that brief shower earlier today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it looked like the forecast -- I had three different forecasts on the phone, and they're all saying different things. And I know we're in kind of a valley here around these mountains, so I try not to think about it too much, and know we might get stopped two times. But thankfully after that first, we got it done.

Q. This weekend after you had the 61, do you have the feeling you don't have to go for broke like some of the other guys have to to get up to where you guys are?
WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. I never tried to go for broke way back. But it's nice being 12-under, and knowing historically what wins this golf tournament. Nothing crazy. Like you talked about, the weather's going to be good this weekend. So scores will continue to be good. The point is I've got to keep making birdies, I think.

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