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July 6, 2018

Dani Holmqvist

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Happy with how the first two days have gone?
DANI HOLMQVIST: I am, yeah. Happy with the progress of my game. Course is beautiful. Course has been great, too. Fun to be out there.

Q. What was the biggest difference from day one to day two, do you think, out there? Any difference on the course?
DANI HOLMQVIST: No. I think it plays pretty similar. There are definitely birdie opportunities out there. Greens are a bit receptive; still rolling great.

So I didn't make quite enough putts today, but still kind of kept in there and kept going.

Q. What do you have to do now going forward into the weekend?
DANI HOLMQVIST: You know, just so many good players out in this field. Scores are going to be really low this afternoon, so I think just kind of do my best and see where it leads me.

Q. So you do think they'll be low this afternoon?
DANI HOLMQVIST: Oh, 100%. Absolutely.

Q. Because I know yesterday the early round had the easier go. Is it just the weather and how the course is playing that it's going to be easier?
DANI HOLMQVIST: I think yesterday the wind kind of picked up a little in the afternoon, so I think that was why. Today the wind doesn't seem to be as strong. If it does, it might be a little bit higher, but I think it's going to be low.

Q. Couple years ago you won the Island Resort Championship on the Symetra Tour a couple hours north of here. What is it about this part of the country that you maybe excel in the courses up here? Is it kind of cool to be playing well again in this region?
DANI HOLMQVIST: It is. I love this part of the country. I think it's great. Nature is absolutely beautiful, people are really nice, and it's a big sporting community where everyone comes out and cheers. It's just nice to be back..

Q. At last check, three of the last four Island Resort champions are within three or four shots of the lead. Kind of an exciting thing that those people can progress so quickly from the Symetra Tour and then compete at this level. How did you get there to that point?
DANI HOLMQVIST: Absolutely. I think it's the best way to get on the LPGA because it's kind of like a mini LPGA Tour playing on the Symetra. I think it prepares you really well for being out here, too.

You get to compete pretty much every week, too, so I think that's a great tour.

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