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July 6, 2018

Yu Liu

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Is that your best round ever?
YU LIU: Yeah, my lowest round ever. So, yeah.

Q. How does it feel?
YU LIU: It doesn't feel too dramatic actually. I wasn't hitting it like too spectacular, but I was rolling a lot of putts in.

So that was the major difference today than yesterday.

Q. Take is through the eagle on No. 3.
YU LIU: Yeah, No. 3, it was par-5, reachable par-5, and I hit my first shot little right of the fairway.

I had 245-ish; I hit my 3-wood to 15 feet and made the putt.

Q. Yesterday seemed like the early round probably had a little bit better of the draw. Was it like that today, do you think?
YU LIU: Yeah, definitely. I think it's a lot calmer in the morning, and also the greens were rolling a lot better. So that was a major difference.

Q. Everybody seems to say the conditions are pretty much the same today; would you agree with that?
YU LIU: Yeah, I would say -- the wind hasn't picked up yet, so I would say probably same condition wind-wise. I think on the greens there will be a difference.

Q. Do you like to be paced by the scores you saw yesterday? Is that motivating for you to see the low numbers?
YU LIU: Yeah, because I play the practice round so I knew there was definitely going to be birdies out there. Still, 10-under, 9-under was pretty low round.

But I just try to be in my own zone, like one shot at a time.

Q. How do you take this and use it going forward into the weekend?
YU LIU: Yeah, probably my best position so far heading into the weekend, so very excited for it.

Q. Is there pressure on you coming into today? You played well yesterday but you were seven shots back. Is there pressure to out up a good number or what was your mindset?
YU LIU: I was feeling pretty relaxed actually. I knew there were birdie opportunities out there. I been playing pretty solid the past few weeks, so just stay patient and putts will drop.

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