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July 6, 2018

Matthieu Pavon

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. That's two fantastic rounds to start this tournament. Give us your thoughts on today's round of 68.
MATTHIEU PAVON: I started not that great. I hit some really bad shots over there, like on 18, I was lucky to be on the 17th fairway but it's pretty far left. But the putter was pretty warm and it keep me in touch with the scorecard and then I started playing well on the back nine, like the six or seven last holes were very good.

Q. Eagle was the highlight. Tell us about that?
MATTHIEU PAVON: It comes perfectly at the right moment. I had an 8-iron shot and the wind was a little bit against and from the right. I tried to hit it the highest as I can because the green is pretty firm and I hit it perfectly and I holed a four metres putt just right.

Q. After missing the cut in France, must be nice to get right back into the weekend?
MATTHIEU PAVON: Yeah, that was funny last week because I played like the worst golf in my career as a pro, I believe. I was not playing that bad but some of the shots were bad and bad, and again the scorecard was taking some points. I finished with a brilliant 85.

This week I just follow the same way. I'm hitting the ball a little bit better and I got some luck around, also, the greens, where it's tough like this and it's pretty rolling this week.

Q. How excited are you going into Saturday in the final group?
MATTHIEU PAVON: Yeah, really exciting because I love the crowd, the atmosphere of those Irish people and Scottish people. Like last year, the guys are so great out there, and keep pushing on every holes and I will enjoy that for two more days.

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