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July 6, 2018

Brittany Altomare

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Conditions any different today without the water on the course or the rain from the night before?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: No, I think it's pretty similar to yesterday. It's pretty soft. Went out in the morning so I feel like the greens were a bit smoother, because I played late yesterday.

Other than that, I think the golf course is the same.

Q. Difference just a couple more putts made today?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, just a couple more putts made. Makes all the difference in this game.

Q. When you have Katherine do what she did yesterday and hit the 10 and everybody else sees that, how does that change your mentality? Do you have to just kind of block that out knowing that everybody is kind of working from behind?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I just think being aggressive. I'm hitting the ball really well so I feel like I can be really aggressive at these pins, especially since the greens are so soft.

I think that was key today. I just tried to stay aggressive and patient.

Q. You'll play later tomorrow. What are you going to do? You got the whole afternoon and night.
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Sleep. This is my fourth in a row so I'm a little tired. Just going to get some rest, maybe practice a little, but that's about it.

Q. When you're playing in a group where everybody seems to be scoring well, how much does that help and how much do you feed off of each other?
BRITTANY ALTOMARE: It's good. I mean, I like when my group is playing well. I think you can feed off each other, and it's nice seeing the ball go in the hole. So I think it's great. I think it's good for momentum.

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