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July 6, 2018

Amy Yang

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Amy, great round.
AMY YANG: Thank you.

Q. Can you tell us what was working well?
AMY YANG: You know, I was hitting a lot of solid shots out there and I gave myself a lot of the good chances.

Also, my putting was working so well. I think that was the key to go low yesterday and today's round.

Q. How big was the approach on 18 after the approach on 17? You stuck it. Especially coming off the bogey.
AMY YANG: Yeah, No. 17 the tee shot I hit a little on toe (?),you know, and the bunker shot save wasn't easiest.

But also, you know, my second shot from bunker wasn't -- I was little nervous because tree was on the left side and the pin is on the right, and you never want to the miss on the right.

Just commit to the shot and had a good finish, yeah.

Q. Is the key right now with the scores the way they are to just be as aggressive as you can?
AMY YANG: You know, there are some holes you have to be aware of, but course is in fantastic shape and greens are fairly soft and it's grabbing ball really well. Yeah, be aggressive.

Q. Do you notice it firming up at all today?
AMY YANG: Probably about -- no, it was same. Because especially I played in the morning, too. Yeah.

Q. How did you think your year is going this year?
AMY YANG: I'm getting better. I started little -- I started okay, and then in the middle played little shaky. But I'm getting better and I'm happy how I'm doing.

Q. When you're playing in a group where everybody is going low, how does that help you? Do you feed off it or does it matter?
AMY YANG: Just having fun out there. (Laughter.)

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