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July 6, 2018

Lee Westwood

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. What was it like out there today?
LEE WESTWOOD: Pretty similar. You don't have to do much wrong on this golf course. Very important to hit fairways and it quite tight and they are not easy to hit. I played solidly.

Q. Expand on that point about how important it is to hit fairways and how well you've done that?
LEE WESTWOOD: You just miss them by a couple of feet, you loss all control on the golf ball. I've never seen rough that makes the ball fly so much. I don't know if they get flyers -- a couple of 8-irons out there,220 yards. Just shows you the lack of control. A lot of run-offs in certain spots and you don't want to be there. It's a fight if you start missing fairways.

Q. We looked at the leaderboard yesterday, your name, Harrington. Expand on the experience factor of links golf. You look at what the challenges, the subtleties of links golf, how do you think your experience helps you?
LEE WESTWOOD: Certainly the more you play links golf, I'm not going to say the easier it gets but the more familiar you do get with it and obviously adapting to weather conditions, can change dramatically, the course conditions can change dramatically. You need to be able to control your ball flight, have good imagination for reading a lie and knowing what it's going to do and where to land it. Sometimes you just accept that you can't get it on the green, so you've got to miss it in the right spots where you're not short-sided and it's easy to get up-and-down.

Q. Great position heading into the weekend, sun is shining, excited about the prospects for the next 36?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, apart from tee to have time being smack middle in the England game tomorrow, it's all good.

Q. Do you feel mentally fresh and ready?
LEE WESTWOOD: I've not played a lot at all, seven or eight tournaments. So I'm pretty fresh. I played well in Italy. Had a good final round. I've been finishing tournaments off and shot 63. Everything is coming around.

Q. As veteran of many an Irish Open, how does this place compare? You've seen it grow.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, absolutely, since Rory got his foundation involved and Dubai Duty Free have come on as a sponsor, it's come on leaps and bounds.

I'd like to see The Irish Open on a links course. I like the parkland courses we play, but I just feel like The Irish Open should be on a links.

Q. The one problem you now have on the weekend is England, Sweden tomorrow.
LEE WESTWOOD: It's a nice problem to have, though.

Q. 71 today. Is there a feeling that score doesn't reflect how well you've played tee-to-green?
LEE WESTWOOD: No, I missed some fairways. Didn't have as much control on the golf ball as I did yesterday. I think if you hit a lot of fairways around this golf course -- there's not a lot of wind and it's there for the taking. But hitting fairways and having control is a real problem.

Q. Is there feeling a little bit of luck deserted you on the greens today you? Got yourself in good positions on a couple of holes?
LEE WESTWOOD: No, I didn't think so. I putted well. Could have hit it close with some of the scoring clubs but all in all I hit a lot of good putts.

Q. Not like anybody is really going to get away so going into the weekend you're nicely poised. Are you looking forward to the prospect of challenging for the trophy?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I've got myself in a good position. You never know what's going to happen this afternoon. Somebody might put a good score together. Even if they do, I still have a pretty good chance over the weekend. It's a difficult golf course to lead on and keep going forward on.

Q. England, Sweden right in the middle of your round tomorrow.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, thanks. But I'm in a good position, 5-under par is a good score to be on.

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