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July 6, 2018

Russell Knox

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. It was a good week for new France last week. Give us your thoughts on the opening two days in Ireland?
RUSSELL KNOX: I'm pleased with my score. I've scrambled nicely. Have I hit it as good as I did last week? No, not even close but I've hit a lot of decent iron shots on the green for a lot of easy pars. But I haven't hit the driver good enough to be right up there yet but the putter is working nicely, which is a nice surprise.

Q. On this kind of golf course with the fairways being so narrow, perhaps you're looking at your score, going, how am I there --
RUSSELL KNOX: The par 5s, I haven't drove it well. I've drove it in the bunkers, the rough. A lot of my scoring has been done on the harder holes, long par 4s. But I'm happy with my game. This course, you can't play perfect golf here. You can hit a great tee shot and be in the bunker or a bad kick in the rough. Just have to accept that you're just swinging away and then you go find it and hit it again.

Q. How enjoyable is it to play on this kind of golf course, fantastic setting at Ballyliffin. You must be enjoying that, the whole occasion with the big crowds, as well?
RUSSELL KNOX: Absolutely. Ballyliffin, it's a great golf course but under this weather, it's even better. The crowds have been great. They have been cheering along the Irish boys obviously but I felt some support, too, which is great.

Q. Exciting prospect at the weekend? You're at the right end of the leaderboard and going into the weekend challenging.
RUSSELL KNOX: Yeah, absolutely. That's why I'm here, try to play the best I can, and we'll dig deep and see if we've got two low ones in us.

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