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July 6, 2018

Mi Jung Hur

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. I think that ties your lowest round of the year maybe, or is it your lowest round?
MI JUNG HUR: Oh, okay. I didn't know that.

Q. No? How was it out there today?
MI JUNG HUR: It was awesome today because my putter been really good today. A lot of putt I dropped in.

Then on No. 13, par-5, I was on the fringe and it was like 16 yards away and I chip it in. So made an eagle. It was awesome day for me.

Q. Yeah. I think you doubled 9 and then you bogeyed...

Q. But then you went...
MI JUNG HUR: Yes, I was really frustrate on No. 9. Actually I went in the water yesterday as well on the left side. Today I tried to hit it little cut but I pulled it and hit into the water and got drop. Hit another shot into another water.

I was so frustrating, but try to go back to 7-under par where I was. It helps me on No. 13. Made an eagle. Even.

Q. Nice. I think you didn't play this event last year. What's been your experience like this week?
MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, this is my first year playing in here. I saw the score last year and Katherine got 24-under par.

Q. 22.
MI JUNG HUR: Oh, was it 22? Yeah, I mean, I didn't expect that score this year, but it looks nice to have a low scores because little short and the condition is so much good. It's really easy to putt when you got a good condition on the putting green.

I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. You talk about the scores. Katherine left off right where she left off yesterday. Are the scores kind of coming back down to earth a little bit though? As the course dries out, is it a little more challenging today than yesterday perhaps?
MI JUNG HUR: It's always easier with the wet condition because the ball goes nowhere on the green. Yeah, during the round yesterday I saw the scoreboard and Katherine shoot 10-under par. Like she had something in here since last year.

But I think it's a good course to challenge for everybody.

Q. And how do you approach it when somebody comes out and takes a huge lead early on? Does that change anything mentally for you? So you feel like you're always kind of playing from behind, or do you have to just kind of focus on your own game?
MI JUNG HUR: Yeah, I always try focus on my game, because even you think about the leading score it's not help at all.

I just try to play every holes, yeah.

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