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July 5, 2018

Emma Talley

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Well it feels like a day of personal bests. Although you didn't finish with a birdie or par, still, the 65 is your first or best-ever opening round score. Tell me a little bit about that run you had of six birdies in a row. That was amazing.
EMMA TALLEY: It was amazing. It was really fun. I was 9-under through 12 holes with a bogey on the 1st -- or 8-under through 12 holes with a bogey on the 1st, so it was a great start.

Thank goodness I had a good start. The last few holes were a little rough. But I'm looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. What was it like for you going on this run and just birdie after birdie after birdie? Had you ever experienced anything like that before?
EMMA TALLEY: I have done that I think in eighth grade. At the regional championship I had six in a row, so I tied my best.

But it was really fun. You kind of just get in a different zone. It was like, I know I'm going to make this. So it was kind of weird but it was great. I wish I would've kept going.

Q. 7-under, 65 today. You really, really had it going. Talk about your day today. What are you proud of?
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, it was exciting. I had nine birdies through 12 holes with a bogey on the 1st, so that was pretty cool. I've never done that before. I was already counting in my head at one point, What do I have to do to shoot 59? (Laughter.)

But it kind of went downhill from there. I had never even played 13, 14, or 15 yet because it got rained out yesterday.

It was a great first round. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. The nine birdies in a ten-hole stretch, have you ever felt anything like that on a golf course?
EMMA TALLEY: You kind of get in a different zone. I mean, it was really cool obviously. I thought every shot I was going to make, so hopefully I keep that attitude going.

Q. Is the six in a row a record?
EMMA TALLEY: No, I did it in eighth grade one time at the regional championship; shot 64. So, yeah, eighth grade. Tied my eighth grade scoring.

Q. Obviously you're not going to keep that type of streak going in any round; you're not going to birdie every hole. But what happened down the stretch?
EMMA TALLEY: Well, I been hitting my driver off, but really the first nine even too though kind of kept it out of trouble, and then the back nine I got in trouble a little bit. Didn't hit it as well. So I'm going to head to the range and try to figure that out.

Q. That was going to be my last question. How do you keep what you had going the rest of the week?
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, I felt good about my game other than my driver. Driver wasn't terrible, but it did cause me a couple bogeys. Going to go to the range, hit a few, and get some tacos and go to bed.

Q. You were going so well until 18; what happened?
EMMA TALLEY: Really it was a steady day all day. I kind of hit any driver off the beginning of the round as well but just kept it in play.

The back nine I just kind of didn't make some putts and didn't hit it quite as close and had a bad drive on the last.

Started out great.

Q. Still, all in all a career low?
EMMA TALLEY: LPGA career low, yes.

Q. That's got to feel pretty good.
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, it does. I don't think I've ever had nine birdies in ten or eleven holes or whatever it was. Had a bogey on the 1st and still 8-under after 12.

So pretty good day, and just looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. One year ago you were winning two hours north of here at Sweetgrass.

Q. And now here you are on the LPGA Tour as a rookie. Just talk about the journey that brought you from there to here.
EMMA TALLEY: Yeah, I've had the best career, best journey I think. Played junior golf and went to college at Alabama and loved every minute of it.

Played Symetra. Looking back, I'm so happy I was able to play Symetra, because you meet so many people and it kind of teaches you how to be out here on the LPGA.

Very fortunate to play on the Symetra Tour, and just loving it this year. Hopefully continuing to play out here.

Q. How does a down south woman excel so well up north?
EMMA TALLEY: I don't know. I like Michigan and Wisconsin, I think. Always treated me well. I don't know.

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