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July 5, 2018

Joaquin Niemann

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Q. 19 years old, what a great start to the year and a great round today. Tell me a little bit about how much fun it's been to get to this point before we talk about the round today.
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I've been playing on the PGA TOUR with these guys is awesome. It's really nice, after I thought I was going to be in college this year. So being out here and playing this well is really nice.

Q. So going into the round, you played your practice rounds, did everything you were supposed to do, and then we get that thunderstorm last night. Did you have to rethink how aggressive you could be on the golf course this morning?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I didn't hear the thunderstorm, I think I was in bed at that time. But, yeah, I played really good today.

Q. And you really didn't make that many putts. You made a couple nice par putts in your first nine holes to keep momentum going. Was that really the key today?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I made a really good putt for par on the par-3s. And yeah, after I was 6-under after 10, and I just was being patient on those couple holes, and I made a birdie on the last hole.

Q. Talk about your round. You started hot and you stayed hot. You finished up strong.
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I started pretty good. I made a couple good birdies in the start of the round. I was 6-under after 10. After that I thought I was going really low. My game was feeling really good and my putter was good. So all my game was good today.

Q. So important for you to get off to a quick start, right, on a long Thursday?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, it's important to start that good. It gives you a little confidence for what is coming for the rest of the week. So I hope I can have a good day tomorrow also.

Q. Seeing the rain coming down last night, and that kind of mentality, were you anticipating a chance to make a couple birdies?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I didn't thought there was rain after this morning, but, yeah, the plan was the same. Same strategy, and try to keep every good shot I can.

Q. You've had a lot of good things happen to you this year already at 19. Talk about just coming from where you've come from and the heights you've reached so far?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, it's been nice after I played The Masters and I just improved. The week after that I played in San Antonio, and, yeah, I've been playing really good golf. Also, I've been enjoying this really much. Being out here on the PGA TOUR with these guys are really good at golf. So it's been good. Also, I have enjoyed it really much.

Q. What is your mindset now as you head to Friday and obviously keep this thing going for three days?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, it's the same. These guys are really good. I know they're going to go really low today or tomorrow. I mean, all the week. So you know, just keep the same strategy and go low for tomorrow also.

Q. You've done really well here two years in a row now. What makes you so comfortable here?
JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, this was my first event on the PGA TOUR, and first I feel great to be back here. I played good last year as an amateur, and also being able to play this course before, give me a lot of -- I think it's better.

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