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July 5, 2018

Brittany Marchand

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Opening round 64 for you.

Q. Lowest LPGA round ever.

Q. Ties your lowest professional round ever.

Q. How you feeling right now?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Good, good. I mean, obviously. Yeah, I feel like I kind of went out today and kind of tried to play loose. I felt pretty gassed from last week, so I took it pretty easy the beginning of this week. I felt refreshed and ready for this week.

Actually didn't hit the ball great on the range, and I just tried to relax and not think about it. Then I kind of started out like a little slow, but then the back nine I really started to hit the ball better and make a lot of putts.

So that was nice.

Q. Coming off a week where you won a car last week...

Q. An now you're out here shooting 64...

Q. Is this the nicest little stretch you've had so far in your LPGA career?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Yeah, definitely. I think last week it was funny because it was like I had really good like high moments, but it was such a grind that like the whole week felt exhausting as a whole. Just a lot of up and downs. I felt look I played that way, too. Like I had good stretches and bad stretches. It was very, very interesting week.

But, yeah, I think I right now I've been feeling good about my game for quite a while. Just kind of little things here and there haven't really got me to finish where I want to.

I like to see rounds like this happen because I feel like I have them in me. It's good for this to come out once in a while.

Q. Yeah. What was the difference today then?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: I think comparative the last to tournaments, I just didn't -- I think the last two tournaments I've felt like I've gotten kind of frustrated fast. I think on a course like this, because it's soft, it's scorable, especially compared to last week, like you don't want to get your expectations high. I think a lot of people like you know you should make -- you like want to make birdies.

Whereas today I just felt like I kind of let it happen instead of trying to force birdies to happen. I just kind of stuck to my routine and tried to have a good day, enjoy my day with my caddie, and then things happen.

I think the last couple tournaments were a lot like more forcing and expecting myself to do something instead of just letting it happen.

Q. Easier said than done.
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Very easier said than done, especially major week and things like that.

Q. Do you have like a mental coach?

Q. Somebody you talk strategy with?
BRITTANY MARCHAND: Yeah, we have a mental coach through the National Team. Her name is Cristie (ph). She works with like all the -- she works with the whole team, but especially works with us, the pros that are on the national team. So she's great. I talked to her right before KPMG. I just kind of check in with her whenever I feel like I maybe need something new or I'm stuck in a rut of something and feel like I can't.

With her, it's always like -- I feel like it's always the same kind of undertone. My tendencies are to kind of get my expectations high, try to force something, get quick, overthink things. I play my best when I just kind of like blank, blank out.

So that's usually the tone of what we talk about most of the time. Basically finding the tools to get myself there more often.

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