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July 5, 2018

Sei Young Kim

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Can you talk about the six in a row, how you got on a roll and how you kept it on a roll?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, it was awesome. I just trying to kept first hole think about it, because that's pretty helpful my mindset.

So, yeah, after kept think about it like result in six in a row birdies. Yeah, I'm very happy with that.

Q. You had a 61 earlier this year. Did it kind of feel the same today where were just in the zone?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, pretty similar because yesterday got rain, so greens are pretty softer, so was able to like attack the pins. So I made a lot of birdie opportunities myself, so, yeah.

Q. Did you have a good feeling coming into this week?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I always happy to be here. One of my favorite locations. So, yeah, when I got here great atmosphere and great food and great course.


Q. What else about this place makes it one of your favorite places to come?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Places to come?

Q. Yeah.
SEI YOUNG KIM: I love to here. I can have like great cheese, yeah, so that's one of my favorite. Yeah.

Q. How do you feel this course sets up for your game? You've had some good rounds here.
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, before practice round I think I have to a lot of birdie this course because par-5 pretty good advantage, two shot, reachable.

So, yeah, I had good -- I took a lot of advantage today.

Q. You know what it was like last year. Scores kept going down, down, down. How do you approach the rest of the weekend knowing you'll have to keep this up?
SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, the last year I shoot 9-under final round, so if I played well second round or third round, but I wasn't the good player the second round so...

I feel great I begin really well like with a 9-under.

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