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July 5, 2018

Maddie McCrary

Oneida, Wisconsin

Q. Just tell us a little bit about the round.
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, yeah, last week I wasn't really swinging it too well. I went home to Dallas. Worked with my coach for a couple days. He helped with some like a few like swing tips, and that's really helped this week.

I have Matt on the bag, just a fun guy, so we're just taking it easy, staying patient this week. It was just a fun, relaxing round. No bogeys and five birdies.

So it was good.

Q. Who is your coach?
MADDIE McCRARY: Rick Woodson. Yeah, he's down in Dallas.

Q. Been with him for a long time?
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, since I was five.

Q. Oh, my God. Wow. Have you had the chance to go back and work with him?
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, I was back there -- yeah, just depends. Been a long stretch, so, yeah.

Q. In general what's this year been like for you?
MADDIE McCRARY: Very up and down. I mean, it's been hard at the beginning jumping back and forth between Symetra and here, but just staying patient is really key here.

Kind of getting towards the end of the year, so ready to start playing well. (Indiscernible.)

Q. I was going to day, do you feel like your game is sort of coming around?
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, my game is progressing so much. I see all the girls out here grinding and practicing really hard. You know copying some of their work ethics and drills and what they do really helps, so it's pretty great.

Q. Is there anything specifically you've seen that you said, Oh, that looks interesting; I want to try that?
MADDIE McCRARY: I mean, I don't know. Their work ethic. They work really hard on and off the golf course, in the gym. I saw girls yesterday in the gym last night working on their swing. Just little things like that that help you prepare.

Q. Like at the --
MADDIE McCRARY: At the hotel.

Q. At the hotel?
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, so it was good.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah. Golfers are crazy. (Laughter.)

Q. When you think about the beginning of the year and now where you were, I know at the beginning it was kind of crazy, but is that behind you? Do you feel like now where you are you're...
MADDIE McCRARY: Yeah, I know. I mean, at the beginning of the year I didn't feel like super comfortable. I asked so many questions. I feel like I emailed Kathy like every day. Like this poor lady.

But, no, I mean, I'm starting to get a lot more comfortable out here and I know I belong here. Just got to act like it.

It's the mentality, everything.

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