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July 5, 2018

Lee Westwood

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. A bogey-free round of 68. What pleased you most about your play today?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, it's bogey-free and I played solidly. I gave myself a lot of good chances and never in too much trouble, didn't miss too many fairways, which is key around here. You can get some real jumpy lies just off the fairway, and controlled my ball flight well.

Q. Did you fancy your chances when you saw the way the course was playing?
LEE WESTWOOD: When I saw it Tuesday afternoon, I played four holes Tuesday afternoon and played the Pro-Am, I thought, yeah, I like this golf course. It's good, honest, solid test and very fair. It's one of the best links golf courses I've seen in quite some time.

Q. You made some wonderful up-and-downs for par, 14 and 15 notably. Radar called you a cunning old fox at 14 for using the slope. Is that a fair description?
LEE WESTWOOD: Is that what he said? Did you not mishear him?

It was the obvious shot, really, down a bit of a downslope and got a bit of a backstop there and saw the shot straightaway. Very cunning.

Q. How much are you looking forward to going out tomorrow in fresh greens and not too much breeze?
LEE WESTWOOD: Generally when you're playing links golf, the good scoring is done in the morning, and that is how it would appear on the leaderboard right now. Most of the good scores are in the morning. We'll just have to see.

You can get the bad end of the draw and it might be miserable tomorrow morning and great in the afternoon. But the weather forecast is pretty well set, fair, and yeah, I'll take on any conditions that are thrown at me. I'm just pleased with the way I'm setting the club on the way back and how I'm hitting the ball.

Q. That's your first bogey-free round at this event since 2008. A very pleasing afternoon?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yes, you're on the ball with your stats, aren't you. I can't remember where it was in 2008 or how I played.

But yeah, I played really solidly today. Didn't hit too many poor shots. I had a lot of game today. I think you need to around this golf course. It's a good test.

Q. You kept the ball in play off the tee, but your work around the green, as well, was very steady.
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, my whole game has been sharp just recently, so it's nice to pull it all together and hit the ball well today. Rolled a couple of putts in. Felt pretty comfortable on the greens. All in all, I was delighted.

Q. As links courses go, where does this one rank?
LEE WESTWOOD: Very highly. When I first saw it Tuesday and yesterday, I was impressed with how good a golf course it was, surprised. It's a new golf course and it looks like it's been here hundreds of years.

Q. Going out early in the morning, perhaps important to capitalise on today and put a good score on the board which. Normally happens on links courses in the morning?
LEE WESTWOOD: I'm not going to put any pressure on myself. Go out tomorrow morning and do the best I can and try to keep the way I'm playing and stick to the same game plan and see what happens.

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