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July 5, 2018

Ryan Fox

Ballyliffin, Republic of Ireland

Q. Ryan, we spoke yesterday about the importance of hitting fairways on this golf course and you must have done that today because you turned out a 67.
RYAN FOX: Actually, I don't think I did. I hit driver a lot, and there's a lot of patches of rough, and hacking sand wedge or lob-wedge out of there, netting a 7-iron out of the fairway; the greens are so firm.

I drove it nice. I think I probably only hit five or six fairways, but missed them in the right places and hit a lot of good drives that just ran through fairways and gave myself a lot of chances.

Q. Is that possibly the difference between this and other links golf courses because you don't get that opportunity to be that aggressive?
RYAN FOX: We took the same theory with The Irish Open last year with the rough down and it worked. Links golf can be kind of funny sometimes. You get penalised for just missing a fairway bunker or just missing it in the long stuff off the fairway but quite often where the crowds walk, it's quite nice.

Yeah, just I guess take it on and as I said, it's sometimes a bit easier hacking a lob-wedge out of the rough than it is 7-iron out of the fairways with some of the contours and the firmness. I did it really nicely today.

Q. Seemed to be quite a difference in temperature from when you started to now. How does that affect yardages? Do you have to think about how far it's going?
RYAN FOX: I guess it started going normal distance later in the round. Earlier I had a couple shots that didn't go very far and thankfully made a couple scrappy pars the first few holes and we figured it out after that. It was certainly a bit different than it has been in the practise days this morning but it's turned out another beautiful day in Ireland.

Q. You clinched an Open spot at this event last year. Is that on your mind coming up with two events to go?
RYAN FOX: Yeah, look, I'd love to be in The Open and Carnoustie is one of the best golf courses in the world I think and I'd love the chance to play there in an Open. As good a start as I can have, really, and hopefully three more rounds and if I can sneak in that top five like last year and get an Open spot, that would be great. If not, I've got another chance net week. Hopefully one of the next two weeks would be great.

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