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May 29, 2004

Thomas Bjorn


Q. Well done, not a great start but you turned it around nicely.

THOMAS BJORN: Yeah, but that's Wentworth for you. You know the first three holes, you kind of have got to get over with, and you can make a couple of bogeys very easily with a couple of short putts.

The good thing about this golf course is that you know that when you come in that you ten holes, you also know that the golf course gives you some opportunities coming back. So it's just a question of hanging in there, and I did it yesterday and I did it again today.

Not playing my best golf, but I'm hanging in and I'm doing the right things, and it's coming together slowly, but still a little bit of ways to go.

Q. You were studying the leaderboard off the 18th and then again, what were you looking for?

THOMAS BJORN: Just what you have to do tomorrow. Obviously, they have got some holes coming in now, where they have some opportunities. 13 , 14 under might be leading the tournament at the end of the day, and then you need to shoot a good score tomorrow.

I'm just happy to be in there with a chance and, if I can produce some good golf tomorrow and get over my first nine, I seem to have played the ball I'm 3 over on the front nine this week. Just get myself out there and try and apply a bit of pressure before the leaders go out.

Q. It helped to get that eagle on 11, didn't it?

THOMAS BJORN: Yeah, I said to Billy when it was in the air, "This has got to be good." It was never anything but stiff. It was just one of those you hit once in a while.

Q. It was a sand wedge, 135 yards?

THOMAS BJORN: No. 82 meters. 90 yards.

Q. So your thoughts for tomorrow?

THOMAS BJORN: Just go and play, really, and try and get off to a start and then take it from there. This golf course, you can't start looking at what everybody else is doing, because the golf course, it's not that easy. It's a bit tricky here and there. It's a bit bouncy and you've got to just stick your head down and do your thing and get off to a good start and apply the pressure. That's needed.

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