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July 1, 2018

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Colorado Springs, Colorado

THE MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome one of our three runner-ups at the Senior Open in 2018 at the Broadmoor, Miguel Angel Jimenez. You made a good comeback after the double-bogey at No. 8, strong finish. Made the par on 18.

MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Didn't play solid today, not hitting the ball magnificent. I mean, 3-under par for (indiscernible) on the eighth tee. I hit a beautiful tee shot on the eighth, but I hit (indiscernible) putt downhill. And I know it's fast, but when I'm on top of the ball I've got my point. Then it's get it right in my head. And I just hit the ball and put the ball past the -- over the (indiscernible) you know?

And lost my concentration there a little bit. And then another bogey, make a nice chip, I miss a putt and then double-bogey. And then I bogeyed the ninth, a par-5 [lost audio], my 3-wood. It's painful, because I threw the tournament there, those two holes, the eighth and ninth. After that, I played very well. Very solid on the 10th, on the 11th. Bogey on the 12th. Hit a beautiful shot, but the wind is strong, gusts -- went a little short on the (indiscernible). A nice chip. And then past the hole and missed another one and that's all day. But then one and a half meters to make birdie on the 15th. And then a couple meters on 18 for birdie. Pretty solid. A lot of opportunity for birdie, and played very solid.

Q. Is there something about the Senior Open that brings out the best in you?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: No, it's a major. When it's a major, majors always a big thing for yourself, you want to because that's -- especially, the golf course is prepared different. They're more hard, more tough, more selective. You can see the course. And that's what motivated me also.

Q. The putt on 18, was that the longest you made this week? And did you know what was on the line when you hit it?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I read the line -- normally really read the lines, but I didn't know what happened this week. I didn't hole anything all week. I made the putt a couple meters on the 18th and having a chance for a playoff. Then been watching it on the TV. And David Toms, he played very well.

But the amount of (indiscernible) meters they make, unbelievable, what they're doing there. But anyway that's golf. And I will have to congratulate him because golf, you have 14 clubs in the bag, and you have to be yourself and you have to be nice and focused. And he's the one who did it better than anyone. My game is not the way it should be.


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