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July 1, 2018

Kevin Sutherland

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Start with 18.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: Yeah, that was the highlight of my day, my only birdie. It's playing really short and I noticed Paul hit it through the fairway, I don't know what he hit off the tee, but it's playing, I hit a hybrid, sand wedge. The course played very different today. But I hit a hybrid, sand wedge and made about a 15-footer. But the course played so different today. It was really firm, fairways were very fast, unfortunately I did not drive the ball very well today and I made one birdie and three bogeys, but I just never really got in any kind of rhythm at all. I was doing a lot of driving and hacking and surviving.

Q. Back nine pretty tough.
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: It is tough. It's very tough. You got to get the ball in the fairway. I didn't do a good job of that today. So as a result I didn't have much of an opportunity to shoot something under par. I had really only one good uphill look at a birdie and that was on 18. I didn't do a good enough job of making sure I stayed underneath the hole. I hit some wedge shots -- I actually did hit the fairway -- I just hit too hard and hit them above the hole and just can't be aggressive from there. I was a little disappointed I didn't play better today and but that's the way it goes.

Q. You got a Top-8 finish, looking back on it, give us some thoughts. You got to be pleased?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I'm happy with how I played, the first three days I played very well. I felt like I played a lot better when I shot 5-over than I did today. I had a bad, I four-chipped number 4 for a triple that kind of set me back a little bit the second day. But the second day I actually played very well to shoot 5-over, but today I just didn't have it. Top-8 finish is good and it's encouraging and I feel like I'm playing better and but I like to think I could have shot 3-under par today and had a chance to win.

Q. You played well in this championship before, what do you, is this a style of golf you like, what, why do you play so well?
KEVIN SUTHERLAND: I think mostly because I hit the ball well and it really favors that. It really, I hit the first three days I really can't hit the ball much better than I did. So it kind of favors -- the USGA wants to reward good ball striking and I think that's why I've had a good run here the last four or five years in this tournament and I think it's just because of that. I wish we played more tournaments like this, but it's impossible to set a course up like this every week. It's a lot of fun, I like the fact that par's rewarded and that's the way it was this week, I thought they did a great job. I really did. I thought it was well setup and there was some really hard pins today, 5 and 8 were about as hard as you can get. But the rest of it was pretty good.

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