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July 1, 2018

Brandt Jobe

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk about how tough it is out there and your feelings on that back nine.
BRANDT JOBE: The greens were, they were -- it was like the U.S. Open, they were bumpy and fast. Ball wouldn't stay on line. I didn't give myself enough good chances, based on how I drove the ball. I just kept hitting everything long, which didn't even make sense. So it was frustrating because I drove it well enough to certainly shoot 3- or 4-under par today. I just didn't take advantage of it.

Q. You were in the chase. So what was your thought process when you're battling there for that top spot?
BRANDT JOBE: I kind of had it in my mind 4-under. That's kind of where I was out there when I was a couple under. Paul was at 3, I think Jerry was at 4 at the time. And I had, gosh, I had, I didn't have more than an 8-iron into a hole. It kind of got a little you know -- I hit a bad shot but I got unlucky on 15. That ball, they fluffed the bunkers, which, whatever, but I mean a ball rolls in right to the middle of the bunker and you don't have a chance to advance it. I couldn't -- there's no way, I purposefully went left so it wouldn't roll down the hill. And it was a chunk because that's all I had. Half the ball was maybe all I had rolling in the bunker. So that sort of stuff sometimes to me cheapens the value of the tournament. I don't think that stuff is necessary, but it's a hard enough shot with the way the greens are downwind and everything to even hold it. I had two options, I could either try and blade it into the grand stands or hit it kind of in the left in the first cut and maybe try and get it up-and-down. So that was frustrating. But other than that, I just, I didn't do a good job managing my distances today.

Q. You almost holed that putt, though, at 17.
BRANDT JOBE: I thought I made the putt on 17, 16, and 18. So I can't complain. My putter was good. I mean that kept me in the game today. My short irons, I was just off. I couldn't get my distance -- yesterday it's also one of those days where you go out there and you have a perfect number. Today I never had, even into 17 I'm trying to hit it 141 yards. Well, that's so close to hitting a pitching wedge and on that right pin I want to hit wedge because that's what I can score with, but I got to make birdie. So it's just one of those days. That's golf.

Q. Did you feel any support from the Colorado crowds today?
BRANDT JOBE: Yeah, even Paul mentioned, everybody was really nice. Obviously fun to come back here. I was excited, fun to play well in front of everybody. A lot of friends and family and just people who have wished me well over the years. So that was really neat.

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