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July 1, 2018

Paul Goydos

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk about your feelings. You're in the hunt and you got to be disappointed.
PAUL GOYDOS: After the second shot on 17 I never hit another good shot. I didn't hit a great putt, didn't hit a great chip on 17. It wasn't a real hard one. It was probably where you want to chip from, at least me. You couldn't miss it right. I didn't hit a great putt, and then the tee shot on 18, probably a 3-wood. I didn't hit a 3-wood all week, I hit zero. I hit 10 on the range, and I'm a "live by the sword, die by the sword" kind of guy. It's a driver. And the shape fits me pretty well. And didn't make a good swing there either and hit another poor pitch and poor putt. Just didn't execute when you need to execute, golf tournaments. -- this tournament is 72 holes, I played 70. Someone's going to play 72 or 74 or 75 whatever it takes, but I played 70 and that's not good enough.

Q. When you walked off the green at 15, did you have a feeling that this was going to be your day?
PAUL GOYDOS: That was a good break. That putt doesn't go in, it's probably six or eight, 10 feet by. I don't know. It might have gone off the green. It was going pretty fast. So it was a good break. But if I can make birdie there, I mean that -- I think coming in with this wind direction, 15 wasn't too bad. 16 wasn't too bad. 17's not, if you hit in the fairway, 7- or 8-iron in there. And Petrovic just made birdie on 18. So you can get them. I wasn't really thinking what it was going to take, just trying to -- when you play in these events, you really have to play one shot at a time. And 16, if you hit a bad tee shot you're going to make four or five. You really can't get ahead of yourself and say, well that was nice, you have to go out and keep executing. The golf course was, is, there's some birdies being made, but again, bad swings are being penalized.

Q. What was your yardage on 17?
PAUL GOYDOS: Which shot? Second shot? The front was 205, I think. It's downhill 7 and we hit 7-iron. I saw no reason to hit it past pin high. There's no reason to hit it right. Just hit a 6-iron at the right front and see how it works out. That's basically what I did. But I wasn't unhappy with that ball. Again, in the altitude you're doing a lot of guessing and there's a lot of math and a lot of stuff going on and it just seemed like short and left was, if you're going to miss it was the place to hit it in that situation. You're just trying to make four there.

Q. Was this a U.S. Open course today?
PAUL GOYDOS: Well I think every day. Yeah, this is more like a traditional -- you know, I guess you have to define U.S. Open now. Shinnecock and Erin Hills and even Chambers Bay somebody said had 40 and 50 yard wide fairways in spots. This was a traditional U.S. Open pre-2000. Very thick rough, everywhere, around the greens, if you missed the fairway. And you had to shape your ball. You had to hit cuts and hooks and whatever it is to really kind of be successful.

Q. If you had one shot to play over again today where would that be?
PAUL GOYDOS: Probably the tee shot on 18. 17, I would have hit 3-wood. Again I don't know if that's good thinking or not, I would have to ask Bob Rotella, but I hadn't hit one all week and to me for me to be successful I need to drive the ball well and I need to make putts and I didn't do that. But I don't necessarily hit my 3-wood any straighter than my driver it's more about how far it went.

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