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July 1, 2018

Paul Broadhurst

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Very consistent play all week and a 69 is one of the better rounds today.
PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, it was tough going out, really, really difficult. I drove it really well today. Especially going out. I hit most of the fairways. Apart from the opening tee shot. But I made some good up-and-downs. Kept me going. But it's a tough, it's just a battle out there, as you've seen from the leaders, it's a tough, tough track. You just can't afford any errors. I mean, I was fortunate I made two good pars at 17 and 18 just to give me a glimmer. But probably one or two too many.

Q. How hard is that back nine? It seems like everyone's --
PAUL BROADHURST: There's no let up. There's chances, if you hit the fairway then you got a chance. At 15, it's only a short wedge in. But I didn't hit a very good pitch in from like 90 yards. 16's a chance because again you're only hitting wedge. But then 17's a good driving hole, although it's playing really short today. And then 18 where the pin is is a birdie chance there, but I didn't quite -- I didn't hit the tee shots in the right place at 17 and 18 to give myself any chance, really. But I had a couple unlucky things. 16, I hit a great putt, thought I made birdie. I hit a great 6-iron into number 11, hit the flag stick and shot off the green. So it perhaps wasn't going to be my day. But still pleased with the performance and top-10 at the U.S. Open, you got to be happy.

Q. When you made, birdied 9 and you made the turn are you just thinking shot by shot or are you saying, man, I got a chance to win this thing?
PAUL BROADHURST: Yeah, my caddie and I, we were trying to get to 3-under, that was the target. But there's not many birdie chances on the back nine. I had a couple of chances, but I slipped them by. I was a bit negative on the greens. Not sure whether they were watered a little bit and maybe slowed them down just a touch, which was fair enough. It was windy and if they got too quick then it would have been impossible. But no, I'm pleased. In practice I said that I'll take level par and not go out. So I shot better than that, so I can't be disappointed, it's probably not going to be enough, but I'll take the positives from this week and take that into the Senior Open at St. Andrews.

Q. You won the Senior PGA, you did very well here, what's going well for you this summer?
PAUL BROADHURST: I don't know, to be honest, I played pretty well in practice, then I lost my driver Friday afternoon. I started hitting it right. That was a bit of a concern. I went and hit balls afterwards and sorted it out a little bit and to be honest I've driven it pretty good the last two days, which you have to do around here. You can't hit it in the rough every hole, you just got no chance. So I'm pleased that I managed to sort it out myself, didn't have to go back to my coach in England and get him to tell me what I was do you think wrong, I managed to sort it. So I was pleased that a good weekend to shooting under par both days over the weekend, I'll take a lot from this week.

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