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July 1, 2018

Lee Janzen

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. How pleased are you with an even par 70 on this course today?
LEE JANZEN: I would have taken it before I started. Especially as strong as the wind was warming up and playing the first hole. I played beautifully though. Very happy with the way I hit the ball all the way around the golf course. I don't know exactly what my stats are, but I don't think I missed but a couple of greens all day long. I hit a lot of fairways, including all of them on the back nine. The putting was that way all week, it was you just had to be a little defensive almost on some of the putting. But really my goal on every shot is just to hit the next shot as good as I could, and I did that time after time today, about as well as I've done in a long time. So that's why I'm very happy with this round. Not so much the score, but.

Q. You know what it takes to win a U.S. Open. Is this a U.S. Open course today?
LEE JANZEN: Yeah, I think all week the challenge has been there. I know mentally I was on the edge of becoming too frustrated to play the next shot and reminded myself that this is what happens in these tournaments and you have to weather the storm and persevere.

Q. What are the leaders going to face coming down the stretch and how are they going to be able to handle their emotions to win this thing?
LEE JANZEN: Yes, I just saw a shot where, on 13, where David I think hit short in the bunker. And that's an extremely tough bunker shot. The best in the world I think would have a hard time getting that inside 10 feet. David may hole it but -- and then Jerry hit a shot that landed short of the pin and went over the green. And that sort of thing, it's a hard shot, but that's also in your mind the next time you're hitting downwind, same direction on 15. I hit a pitching wedge right at the pin and it went over the green. So that green's difficult. So trying to figure out where to land the ball. So now you have hazards of the mind, not just what the golf course is, but things are starting to creep in your mind about what happened prior. So 16 is a gettable pin. It's a very tough putt, so if you can hit it below the hole it's just a pitching wedge. 17, if you hit a great drive it will run down there far enough to have a mid to short iron. And then 18's a great pin. I hit it right at the pin, but unfortunately I hit it above the pin. And if I hit it just a tiny bit softer I probably would have made it. So I had two great looks on the last -- three actually -- the last three holes.

Q. How fast is that coming from above the hole?
LEE JANZEN: It's very fast. I just tried to get it going and I still hit it two and a half three feet by the hole. You can't really have a run at it, you just have to get it going. But you still have to hit it solid because any little push or pull then it's going to break too much.

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