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July 1, 2018

Russell Knox

Paris, France

Q. 65 to close 6-under par, how happy are you with that final round performance?
RUSSELL KNOX: I'm tired now. I put a lot into that today. This course is a nerve-wracking course to play. A lot of high-stress holes. So I was really happy with my performance today.

Q. 15, 16, 17, 18, the loop of doom. You played it well today. With all the golf still to play for the leading groups, is there opportunity for that score you posted to feel like it could be still enough?
RUSSELL KNOX: I hope so but I don't think so. It's not too windy, so I mean, you can hit the center of the face and you should avoid the disasters, but you never know. It's stressful. I mean, obviously I was out a lot before the leaders. I knew I was feeling a little nervous so they are going to feel more so coming down with all the people. I've done what I can. I tried my best. I would have loved one more. One more I think would have posted, give someone something to think about but you never know, a couple guys might birdie and get to 10.

Q. Quite a lot of golf but right now you need one of those automatic qualification spots to get into The Open, and should you take one of those spots, what would it mean to know you're going to Carnoustie?
RUSSELL KNOX: Obviously The Open Championship in Scotland and being a Scot, it's a huge honour to get to play. I've played in the last three, I believe, so I would hate to miss one, especially when it's in Scotland.

I tried my best today and hopefully it makes it.

Q. It's been a very testing week in France. How pleasing was that to close with a round of 65?
RUSSELL KNOX: That's always nice to close the tournament with your best round of the week and to have no bogeys, six birdies, can't ask for too much more. I'm thrilled with that.

Q. You got through those final four holes unscathed today and the guys have a two-shot advantage at the moment. Might 6-under be enough.
RUSSELL KNOX: I hope so but I don't think so. It's not blowing too hard out and there's a lot of talent up there, so I reckon someone will get it done. But I would have liked one more. If I got to seven, then maybe, but either way, I couldn't have done anything different. I played my heart out.

Q. You played here for the first time last year and missed the cut. What did you take from that experience into this week because conditions have probably been tougher this week?
RUSSELL KNOX: I think the conditions this year obviously favored me. It's much firmer and faster this year. Last year it was bad, playing in the rain. I enjoy playing tough courses. I've been hitting the ball great and this course is narrow, and that's my biggest strength is to get it in play off the tee.

I knew off the Pro-Am how I was playing, I had a sniff. It didn't quite happen the first three days. I played well but kind of came together today.

Q. You're in position for one of the spots at The Open. What would it mean to be going to Scotland and playing in a major tournament?
RUSSELL KNOX: Definitely being a Scot, don't want to miss that one, and especially as I played the last three Open Championships. I want to be there obviously. Hopefully we'll make it but like I said, I've done all I can, and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

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