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June 30, 2018

Jerry Kelly

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Did you approach the holes any differently than you had before?
JERRY KELLY: Not really. I struck the ball okay today. Not as good as I did the first two days. But definitely good enough to be under par. Three 3-putts kind of held me back. But I know the striking is still there. So it can be had tomorrow.

Q. Got off to a good start on the front nine?
JERRY KELLY: And the bogey on 2 was awesome. Thanks.

Q. I meant your birdies off 3, 6, and 9.
JERRY KELLY: Yeah, I got them back nicely. You'd like to get that 1, 2 and 3. I did get 3 but you want to get rolling right away. And I did. I hit a good shot -- I hit all good shots on 10 and made bogey. That can happen. And 12 just happened. I felt pretty good with the putter and I got a little steep with my backstroke, and I pop it and squirt it. That's just what happens sometimes. I know it. Right afterwards it's like I told my caddie, we can reset. I know exactly what I did. It just happens.

Q. Were you calm at that point, even though --
JERRY KELLY: No, I wasn't nearly as calm. No, I had to really bring myself back. And the next couple of holes, you know, the next hole was a fantastic up-and-down. That ball was nested in there and it was tough. I took a pretty big swing from a short yardage. That kind of evened me out a little bit. But I was still a little more cautious than I've been all week after doing that. But it's understandable.

Q. A lot of times in the U.S. Open, U.S. Senior Open, the payoff is just hanging in there. Did you feel you hung in there today?
JERRY KELLY: Definitely hung in there. Especially after something like that happens. Yeah, you can go south quick when the conditions are like this. So I was happy -- especially making that last putt, I was pretty happy. I don't like shooting over par especially with the way I struck the ball. But you know golf, obviously it could have been worse.

Q. Now you have the lead. What's your mindset as you work your way into tomorrow's round?
JERRY KELLY: Go low. I think tomorrow is a go-low day. I'm notoriously bad on Saturdays. I really enjoy my Sundays. I'm ready.

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