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June 30, 2018

Tim Petrovic

Colorado Springs, Colorado

TIM PETROVIC: I knew it wasn't going, and, okay, it did miss the path. And then it just went down, let me see.

Q. Comes to a stop.
TIM PETROVIC: Oh. That was -- the two brothers.

Q. They were fighting over it. It was a commodity. Did you see that from the tee?
TIM PETROVIC: No, I was pointing at the Marshall. I saw him run over. I knew it went way over to the right. And he felt -- we went to our ball -- and he felt so bad about it. I could see he was ready to break into tears, just break down. And I turned around and said, next time kick it, kick it back into the fairway. His dad gave him a hug. I think we put out the fire there a little bit.

Q. You did absolutely. Strange situation there. Bogeyed that hole, and also bogeyed the 18th hole. You're only two strokes back. It's not the finish you wanted, but you're right in this thing. What do you do tomorrow to make sure you don't falter coming down the stretch?
TIM PETROVIC: The pins are tough. I need to drive it a little bit better. I didn't drive it good the first day, drove it great the second day and gave myself opportunities which turned into birdies. I didn't make any putts to speak of. Could have started -- hit a bad wedge on the first hole and didn't birdie No. 3. And I took my medicine coming in. I put myself in a bad spot on 17 and 18 and sometimes, especially in majors, you just have to take your bogey and live to fight another day.

Q. And we heard your unique path to the PGA TOUR earlier today. You're a very easy guy to root for.
TIM PETROVIC: The book comes out maybe next year. (Laughter).

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