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June 30, 2018

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Miguel --
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: It's been a hot day in the office today. I don't hole any single putt. I only make one birdie today when I was chipping in from outside the green. And I missed only two shots because (indiscernible) and (inaudible).

Q. 15 is where you chipped in, right?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Let me see, 15, yeah.

Q. You're so upright. Were you just hoping to get it out?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: No, it was sitting in a good lie there. Actually second shot was, the ball is a little bit below my feet and the ball started a little bit right with the breeze. And then the hole on the right, it was not a bad shot. But then the lie is not bad. And I holed that one. That's the little thing that happen on the golf course.

Q. What do you do tonight knowing you're in contention?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: I think I need to have a tall glass of some wine and relax I think.

Q. Just relax?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Of course. I'm going to work now on my putt. It's been a nightmare on the greens, yesterday and today. I've been really awful, awful today on the greens.

Q. The tournament is really tight in the last four or five holes. Your feel about that and going into tomorrow?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ: Of course. There's a bunch of players there. Anyone can win. Every people who is there hitting very good the ball, and I think the one who can be the nerves, keeping more calmed down and hole more putts is the one who is going to win tomorrow. It's going to be a nice contest tomorrow.

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