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June 30, 2018

Kirk Triplett

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Pretty good conditions today. Talk about your round and how your feelings are at this time.
KIRK TRIPLETT: You know, the course is, the shots themselves are not that difficult. But the uncertainty, deciding what shot you need to play at what time.

The wind's a different direction today. And there was some head scratching out there today for sure. I played the easy holes pretty well. Made some birdies. Made some mistakes, would like to eliminate those. But made some nice saves. I feel fortunate walking out making a par on 18. Overall, I'm just very happy how I played the last two days.

Q. It would have been a good partnership in a two-man, a lot of birdies flying around.
KIRK TRIPLETT: David played a beautiful round, and very comfortable, never in trouble, and sometimes when you're playing with a guy like that, it steadies you a little bit. I hit a few bad shots in there, kind of, 10, 11, 12, hit a little better one on 13 and made a birdie on 14 and I felt a lot better coming in.

Q. What was your thought process going into tomorrow. You're in there, you're in the hunt.
KIRK TRIPLETT: Beat every one of those guys. Beat them. Just beat them. Whatever it takes. So the course so far this week has proven to be, the front nine is a scoring nine and the back nine is the hold-on-for-your life nine. I'm sure there will be some hard pins, I'm sure there will be accessible pins, but I don't see the course getting super firm and super fast and really scary for the players. I'm sure somebody will shoot 4- or 5-under and it will be either the leader or somebody from a couple back and somebody will win this tournament instead of somebody hanging on.

Q. It could be hanging on because you said the front nine is your opportunity. Then you're fighting --
KIRK TRIPLETT: So often in the U.S. Open it's, gosh, how can I make only a couple more bogeys coming in to win the tournament. I think this tournament you're going to have to make some birdies to win it.

Q. Can you comment briefly on mountain golf and what that means in distance carry and the roll of the greens?
KIRK TRIPLETT: I said it my very first statement is the shots themselves, once you know what it is, like after the fact, the shots aren't that difficult. Right? But it's knowing all those uncertainties. You've got the elevation. You've got the altitude. You've got the wind switching around. And you've got these temperature fluctuations. At 75 degrees the ball carries different than it does at 95. So those four variables you very rarely get the same shot twice and you very rarely are extremely comfortable like you might be at a more typical tournament.

Q. What green broke against the mountain on you today?
KIRK TRIPLETT: I don't know. I don't keep track. But there were a couple that did break hard off the mountain, and I was thinking of that when I was looking at them and I still wasn't able to kind of force myself to play it. I'm very happy with it.

Q. Did you have to reverse your thought process after you read it?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, it's easy to see after the fact, yes.

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