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June 30, 2018

Brandt Jobe

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Just another Saturday at the U.S. Senior Open for you.
BRANDT JOBE: Saturdays have been good. These last two Saturdays, if I could make the Saturdays the rest of the week, I'd be in a little better shape.

Q. What did you do well today?
BRANDT JOBE: I think we're kind of learning the golf course, obviously, a little bit, how to play it. I think it's kind of funny, I changed putters today, it's the exact same putter, but I know this one had less loft and I rolled it a lot better. And I've done that a million times throughout the year. So that's no biggie. It's the exact same thing. Just my other one -- I looked at my stats, I said that one's not working so I'll go with the other one.

I hit it pretty good today. I hit a lot of fairways. In fact, I don't think, if I missed it, I missed it in the first cut. Hit a lot of greens, had a lot of opportunities.

I kind of screwed up on 9. Had a 9-iron in and I was just so on the down slope I couldn't get the ball in the air. So it's kind of unlucky I hit it that far. But that was kind of a shot I left out there. But other than that, just very solid. It wasn't a lot of stress.

Q. You had a nice of run of birdies there early. Could you tell us about those.
BRANDT JOBE: I finally realized you better take advantage of the first five holes. I've been over par it seems like. So obviously made a good putt on 2, got it past the pin so it was uphill. Pin high on 3 and got that up-and-down which was nice. And really the best par save I had was on 4, hit it 15 feet short of the hole and it sucked back all the way off the green. Other than that, that was kind of a nice start.

And once you get kind of over that other side, across the street, it's like hang on, here we go.

Q. I know you grew up in Colorado.

Q. Did you play this course a lot, or did you know about it?
BRANDT JOBE: We used to play the South Course, which is falling off the mountain right now. But that's where we used to play a lot. I played the Broadmoor Invitational three, four times, so played the East Course quite a bit, a little different configuration on how the holes went, but same idea how everything works here.

Q. Talk about your Colorado connection.
BRANDT JOBE: I grew up here. I think we moved here in about 1970 --

Q. Colorado Springs?
BRANDT JOBE: No, Denver. I grew up in southeast Denver, went to school my whole life there, graduated from Kent Denver and then went off to UCLA. And still came back, met my wife here, lived here, lived in Castle Rock, just north of here. And finally kind of realized it's tough. And even coming back here I laugh because the ball does so many different things than what it does last week in Wisconsin. It's just different golf here.

And it's hard to do this kind of altitude and the way the ball goes when every week we're at sea level. That's kind of why I made the change. And also just to get somewhere where the winters weren't so difficult.

Q. Do these guys understand what happens in the mountains in golf, the guys you play with?
BRANDT JOBE: You know, we all try to. We all try to think we do. But you can look at a book that tells you where all the arrows are and swear you know exactly where it's going but it does the dead opposite thing. That's kind of what makes it tough. You add the rough that they have there and then the bouncy, we had a nice bounce to the greens, you gotta be pretty precise.

Q. The experience of last year, where you played so well on a Saturday and here you did it again, how is that going to help you tomorrow?
BRANDT JOBE: Well, last year even though I played well I didn't get close enough. So I think close enough out here is five shots. That's kind of where you've got to be. Jerry is playing awfully well. I can't have him going any lower going in. But it would be fun to have a chance.

Obviously that experience helps.

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