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June 30, 2018

Jeff Wilson

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Talk about your early tee time and how that affected the weather, the wind, how it was when you teed off.
JEFF WILSON: It was so windy the last couple days, I didn't really think it was that big of a factor. I mean, it blew a little bit this morning. But you almost get used to it. So it really wasn't, you know, something that -- it wasn't that big of a deal.

Q. What about the other course conditions early in the morning, what might be faced later?
JEFF WILSON: The fairways might be getting a little firmer, but other than that the greens are still holding okay. It's just the pins. You've got to watch where they are.

Q. Pretty happy with your ball-striking and the way the round progressed?
JEFF WILSON: Yeah, really the only, I'd say, mistake or regret I had was 3-putting 16. I think I 3-putted from about 25 feet. And other than that, I mean, I played pretty well today. I'll take 70 about every time around this course.

Q. Do you feel you're learning from day to day about adjustments?
JEFF WILSON: I don't know about learning, but maybe getting a little more comfortable with your surroundings. I mean, that's huge. Mike, who played very well also, we were talking today and we were saying we hit shots that you'd never even think about hitting, you know, if you're at home playing with your buddies. And it's just the way it is.

Q. Low amateur in the U.S. Open, obviously, and have the possibility to go after that in this championship as far as we know, we have to do some more research, but Vinny Giles is the only one that's ever done that. Where would you rank that if you were able to accomplish that?
JEFF WILSON: It would be pretty -- I didn't think about it in that context, but it would be that I played pretty well this week and really I think I was 9-over after 21 holes. And you know I'm sitting at 7-over now. So I'm pretty happy with the way I played. If I was to be the low amateur, that would be awesome. I know Mike's going to have something to say about that. And I'm not sure what Robby Funk shot today either.

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