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June 30, 2018

Bernhard Langer

Colorado Springs, Colorado

BERNHARD LANGER: Played very solid, drove it very well. Hit a lot of fairways, and putted a little better. I putted really poorly the last couple of days. And I had some bad breaks yesterday. I mean, my first tee shot, couldn't find the ball. There were hundreds of people around. Nobody saw it. Pretty weird. Made double on the first. And then finished double bogey, bogey the last two, so that wasn't much fun. So today was very solid. Made five birdies, one bogey. And the bogey I made was actually a good shot, just misjudged the wind.

Q. How was the wind early?
BERNHARD LANGER: It was really strong when I warmed up. And then it went down to about 10, 15 miles an hour. And it wasn't too strong throughout the day. Not quite as crazy as the last two days for me. Had these big gusts and it was changing constantly. And I think one difference, the pins were still tough, but not unfair.

You know, there wasn't one pin when you lagged it like this and it would roll eight feet away. So I thought that was different today.

Q. Do you feel like the course was there for the getting today? Was it playing a little bit easier for you today?
BERNHARD LANGER: Well, when you play better, it seems easier. The greens were better because I was second off and we all know poa annua in the afternoon is no fun. So the greens were pure. I made one putt today, I called it six feet away. You don't do that in poa annua normally. So there was a truer roll. So all that helps. Every little bit helps.

Q. Is there some key adjustment you made putting or was it just --
BERNHARD LANGER: I went back to the other grip. I've been putting mostly this way, then today I went that way again, for a lot of the putts. And they weren't all great, but I made at least two or three, made about a 18-footer today. That's the longest putt of the week.

Q. You expect to make a couple of those?
BERNHARD LANGER: More than a couple in three days, yes.

Q. Great round.
BERNHARD LANGER: Yes, it was very solid. I gave myself opportunities. You gotta hit the fairway. If you hit the rough, you're just going to struggle all day.

Q. Do you have the feeling that you're still in this championship at 4-over or what's your mindset?
BERNHARD LANGER: I don't think so. Not for the win, but every place forward is better. Gets more money, more Schwab Cup points, but I don't think I'm going to have a chance to win. I think somebody is going to be 6-, 7- 8-under at the end of the day, maybe. Just a little too far back. But you never know, unless we get some crazy winds. But that's not going to happen either, right?

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