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June 30, 2018

Chris Wood

Paris, France

Q. You told us pre-round it was all about patience today. How much was that being tested early on when you were 3-over after five?
CHRIS WOOD: I thought of you, actually. Yeah, obviously the piece we did on the range -- patience is massive.

A lot of players might let that get to them 3-over through five, but I felt like I was hitting pretty good shots. Birdieing of was quite big for me, 3-wood green-side, and up-and-down from there, and playing with Marcus was great. I was really impressed with him. I felt like we were both hitting really good shots all the way around.

When you're playing with someone like that, it makes your job a bit easier, as well.

Q. Having got off to that start, 8-under for the next ten holes. What a change.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, I thought I was 8-under for, I didn't know how many, but 8-under through ten around here is pretty good. Yeah, I was happy with that.

I really felt like I plotted my way around nicely. Yeah, you can be happy with shots off the tee maybe in the left semi or right semi. Doesn't have to be in the middle of the fairway all the time around here.

Yeah, I felt pretty good and in control, and yeah, a couple behind going into tomorrow. Same sort of approach and attitude tomorrow and see where it gets me.

Q. How pleading was that chip-in on 9?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, well, that sort of got me back in the mix, really. Not the start I was after. 3-over after five, really wasn't doing an awful lot wrong. Obviously made a mistake on 4. Too much club straight into the lip on the bunker but the eagle on 9 got me going.

Q. Three birdies in a row on the back nine, and on this course, it's very difficult to get a run going at times.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, one birdie in a row is good enough around here. It was good. We had a good time out there with Marcus. I was really impressed with him, really impressed. I felt like we both were hitting good shots all the time, one after the other, and yeah, good shots might not always look next to the hole around this golf course or in the middle of the fairway. But I certainly felt like we gelled a little bit with each other.

Q. Does it help when you can enjoy it, when you're playing with someone like that, do you feed off that energy, as well?
CHRIS WOOD: Oh, yeah, massively. We were chatting. It's his first full year on Tour, come off The Challenge Tour last year. Sounds like he's around 60th in Race to Dubai, and that's really impressive in your first year. I know how hard it is to keep your card, let alone qualify for The Race to Dubai.

I think it will be good, we're out tomorrow together, as well, so yeah, it will be good. I really enjoyed my time with him.

Q. How nice is it going to be going into a Sunday knowing that you can win a title?
CHRIS WOOD: It's been a while. I mean, last year, I led going into the final day in Sweden and bogeyed the last and lost by a shot. My game hasn't quite been there. Feel like you're playing well enough to solidify those results. Slowly getting there. See how I go tomorrow.

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