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June 29, 2018

Jeff Wilson

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. So we just want to ask you, the last hole, did you have any idea what the cut was and what you had to do?
JEFF WILSON: I think I saw the scoreboard on, when I was going up 7 and I saw it went from 9 to 8. So I had been like playing in cardiac arrest the whole stinking day and that put a little more stress in it right there.

Q. Tell us how you birdied the 9th hole.
JEFF WILSON: Well actually I just -- I killed it off 9 and it rolled through the fairway and I just got a horrible lie in the rough. So I had to lay up. And I think I had like adjusted about 125 yard shot. And it came off pretty well and I managed to just creep a putt over the front edge.

Q. Was there a sense of relief at that point? I mean, you played in so many USGA championships.
JEFF WILSON: You know, I got a lot of respect for these guys that do this on a daily basis because playing on -- I knew I was on the edge of the cut the whole day and it's nerve wracking. All it is is just a feather in my cap, I'm not playing for any money or anything, but it's hard.

Q. You got off to kind of a tough start, how did you get it back together?
JEFF WILSON: I went on the driving range -- I had just a terrible warm-up session and I played really poorly on the back nine yesterday -- and then I went out to the back nine where they had the little practice center out there and I took a couple swings with a wedge and it's like something kind of clicked and I started hitting the ball a little bit better. So even when I doubled 11 I think it was, it wasn't like I was -- I hit a perfect drive and I pulled an iron shot a little bit and got just a horrible lie. But it wasn't like I go, oh, God, this is disaster. I mean, I hit some pretty good shots. So I think really just that, just a little something I got on that practice center over there kind of carried me through the rest of the day and I started feeling pretty good.

Q. The birdie on 16 or was there something else that told you, hey, I'm back?
JEFF WILSON: You know, yeah, it was nice to make it, but really I had hit some really nice shots coming into that, so you just try to keep throwing them up there. And that one went in and it was nice, but I played pretty solidly. Without being arrogant, I probably left a few shots out there today.

Q. Most people don't know that you have quote unquote a real job. Tell us how are you able to manage an auto dealership and still play golf at the same time?
JEFF WILSON: Luckily, we have a really good team and that's first and foremost. But my golf -- funny story is I got this dog, I got an Australian Shepherd and I take him out to the driving range with me about six in the morning. And I flip balls back in the driving range for about an hour, hour and a half and the dog follows me back to the house. It's about a two and a half mile trip and it takes about an hour and a half. And all of a sudden my golf game got better. I should list him as my coach.

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