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June 29, 2018

Jay Haas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. Nice finish.
JAY HAAS: Yes, that was a nice way to end. It's a grind out there. I didn't play terrific, but kept it under the hole where I needed to and hit two really nice shots at 9. I thought just over the grown wasn't too bad today. Yesterday not good at all on that hole, but had a pretty straightforward pitch shot, I was, felt like I was going to get a decent putt at a birdie, but to have it go in was nice.

Q. Difficulty of the shot?
JAY HAAS: The difficulty of that shot? Is that what you asked? It wasn't a no-brainer, but it was, compared to a lot of the shots around the greens here, it was easier than many that we have had around here, at least I've had. I had, if I hit it a little short it was going to hit the down slope and run, if I carried a little farther it wasn't going to run as much and, but I don't know, on a 10 scale, I don't know, an 8?

Q. That shot got you back in the hunt.
JAY HAAS: Oh, I wouldn't say that one shot did. I think playing, shooting 1-under for two rounds is, keeps me in the hunt, but I need to play a little bit better tee to green. I like the golf course, I'm getting a little bit more acclimated to the distances and feeling a little bit more comfortable with my club selection. I think that's a big key out here. But there's still a long way to go. Good or bad round, you can go one way or the other out here pretty quickly.

Q. 14 or 14 making the cut in this championship now. Why are you so good playing U.S. Senior Opens?
JAY HAAS: That's a good question. I think I enjoy the setup, what they give us or don't give us. I think the scores -- the setup, I won't say eliminates a lot of people, but pars are good. That was kind of my mantra probably as I played my career, that par's never bad. So I've been driving the ball well, but 14 for 14, I don't know, that's, I like that. Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead here now.

Q. That's pretty impressive, actually.
JAY HAAS: I missed the cut Senior PGA and that's the second time I missed the cut Senior PGA. This year at Benton Harbor, in Michigan, and I missed at Laurel Valley when I was like 51 or 52, so that was, oh, I did not play good there. But we don't play tournaments with cuts hardly anymore, so you kind of go to the first tee and, if I got it, I got it. Here, it's like you better have it or else you're going to get that early morning flight on Saturday morning.

Q. Well you get to sleep in tomorrow. You said there's a long way to go, but you must be happy that you're playing for something.
JAY HAAS: Oh, yeah, I'm excited to -- I didn't get off to the best start today, made a nice par at 10 and then a good bogey at 11, actually. The wind was blowing and I'm thinking, boy, this could be a long day. But I kept hanging in there, hanging in there and got on to, got on a little bit of a rhythm, started hitting some greens and I made a really nice putt at No. 1 from about 40 feet above the hole, just off the green, and anything above the hole here is pretty dicey. And it just, it was a great putt. It went right in. And it wouldn't have gone much too far by. But that was probably at least a shot, maybe a shot and a half save there. So and the chip in at 9 was icing on the cake.

Q. Would you be surprised at all if the course was slightly harder tomorrow?
JAY HAAS: They probably put their last bit of water on it, yeah. And it was starting to get a little quicker in places. Maybe the greens not so much but pitching into the green, landing your irons into the green and anything downwind was pretty difficult to stop the ball today. I played early morning yesterday without much wind and so it was a little easier. I got the better, I think, better break of the weather in the early/late. But with cooler, it can probably get a little creative with the speeds and the greens and all that.

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