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June 29, 2018

Kirk Triplett

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. That was a heck of a start and then I guess a good finish.
KIRK TRIPLETT: I don't know how many times -- it just sort of works that way. I birdied the last two yesterday, so I had a nice practice session, I felt good, I was looking forward to playing today. It was difficult. But I made a 15, 20-footer on the first hole, hit it to a foot on the next hole and had a 6-iron into the green on the par-5, and before you know it I'm 3-under for the day. Just felt comfortable and kind of, I guess, fell asleep there in the middle of the round, but I had done my work, I knew I was going to make the cut and then I kind of rallied a little bit, birdied 15 and 18.

Q. Any holes you'll play differently over the weekend than you had so far?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, I just briefly looked at the weather forecast and it looks like the wind is going to come from the other direction. So this course is still, it's new to me, certainly, and most of the players I imagine. So if the wind turns around, I'm, there's things I'm going to miss. I missed a bunch of stuff yesterday and I missed a few things today and there's a lot of local knowledge out there. You could play for a month and not kind of see it all. But that's mountain golf, that's kind of the way it is.

Q. Where has it been coming from?

Q. It's coming from the north then tomorrow?

Q. It's a whole new golf course then?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Well, who knows. The greens are fast and they're slopey, and they're not afraid to put the pins in some tough spots. So you might hit a really good first putt and you got to make some 6-footers. But that's the way it always has been. So we're used to it.

Q. You're pretty dialed in though early. You hit some shots that were pretty close.
KIRK TRIPLETT: Yeah, I hit some shots with a lot of variables that ended up close to the hole. So that's -- I can't take credit for all of that, some of that is just good guessing. And then I hit plenty of other shots that I thought I hit well yesterday, a number of times, that I walked away with a bogey. So it's just that kind of course. You got to not let those get to you and take advantage of the ones where you get a good fit.

Q. Can you tell us what you said to Kevin on 14?
KIRK TRIPLETT: Oh, well, Kevin was telling a story at lunch time about, I think Charles Howell had a friend of his own the range at THE PLAYERS Championship one day and they were watching Paul Goydos hit balls and Charles Howell's friend said, I can beat that guy. I know I can beat that guy. Right? And Charles Howell said, you cannot beat that guy. You can't beat him. And the guy goes, no, I know I can beat him.

Well that was the week that Paul had finished second there, I think, lost a playoff and so Charles Howell's friend was there at the end of the week and he goes, you're right, I can't beat that guy.

So I'm watching Paul hole one out from the fairway, so I cross fairways and said, hey, I don't think you can beat that guy.

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