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June 29, 2018

Deane Pappas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Q. (No microphone.)
DEANE PAPPAS: Yeah, I just, my routine was a bit of a debacle. I hit it right down the middle of the fairway and then just made a couple of mental errors. Ended up with a double. I think on the back nine, I mean, it was playing tough, but I did, I felt like I made three mental errors that cost me more than anything else and then kind of scrambled a little bit going out on the starting out the front nine and then finished it off nicely with three birdies in the last four holes.

Q. When you were going through 10, after the way you played yesterday, you're saying, how am I going to get this back, what are you saying to yourself?
DEANE PAPPAS: Yeah, I mean, I knew it was going to be a tough back nine, so it was real disappointing to start off with a double, especially from the middle of the fairway. But just like yesterday, I said, well, I'm still even par, it's still right in contention, so just try to buckle down. I came back with a birdie on the next hole, I think I went birdie, par, birdie and then followed it up with two bogeys. And then bogeyed 18, which two of them were just bad decisions. And so I tried not to do that on the front nine, which we selected a lot better clubs on the front nine, and then just had some good yardages and basically had two of them go in and made a nice put on 9.

Q. How is the course today compared to yesterday?
DEANE PAPPAS: Definitely tougher. A little firmer, the fairways were running out a little bit, so I had some run into the rough. Played a little longer with the wind blowing. The holes going back into the wind were way longer than they were yesterday.

Q. Given where you are on the leaderboard now, you're within six shots, that's definitely climbable distance, right?
DEANE PAPPAS: Oh, yeah. I mean, you can get on a little run here. Still got to play it like a U.S. Open, you got to be patient, try not to shoot at some silly pins, and then just try to take advantage when you get your chances.

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